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Information / FAQ Bungy Jumping 007 Goldeneye

To start off with: bungy jumping is not a hazardous or dangerous sport!
For detailed and personal information call the Jump Master in charge: Anton Draganits, Tel. +41-79-6 007 007.

Where is the 007 Jump Facility?

Verzasca Valley Dam in Ticino – Southern Switzerland. The reservoir is called Lago di Vogorno. The nearest, larger town is Locarno. From Gordola, drive in to Verzasca Valley and after 2 km the dam looms in front of you – you cannot miss it! The jump facility is in the middle of the dam's wall.

What is the Jump Height from the Dam Wall?

The jump height is 220 m.

What Jumps are Possible?

Classics are: „Forwards" and "Backwards" – and for the more experienced "Ultimo." Depending on ability, the more ambitious jumps can be attempted after 3 jumps. The Jump Master in charge decides if this can be done. Tandem jumps – like the Centovalli Valley ones – cannot currently be carried out on the 007 facility.

Can I wear glasses / contact lenses when I do the jump?

It is better to jump without glasses, but if you have to wear them, we can fix them with a rubber band. Contact lenses, however, are no problem at all. 

Can I cancel a booked/confirmed jump / What is the Cancellation Policy?

Once the jump has been confirmed to you, it is basically firmly booked. In case of a cancellation, the customer must inform prior to the event in writing and must give the reasons for the cancellation. In case of cancellation, the customer will have to pay the following costs (always in % of the total cost of the whole arrangement):
29 - 20 days prior to the activity: 20%
19 - 14 days prior to the activity: 50%
13 - 1 day prior to the activity: 80%
Day of the activity and/or "no-show": 100%
Please see also the complete version of our Terms & Conditions