World Famous and Unique Bungy Jumps in Switzerland

Bungy Jumping like James Bond. Come and meet us in Switzerland: The world's most famous jump – and with its 220m in height – a world record. Or Bidge Jumping in spectacular Centovalli Valley - a jump from a real railway bridge! Verzasca Dam or Centovalli Bridge - THE meeting point for people with POWER!
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CHF 195.00 - CHF 255.00 007_vip_event 007 Classic Jump

World's Most Famous Bungy Jump. 
Ideal for First Timers.more Information



CHF 195.00 - CHF 255.00 back 007 Backwards

Backwards towards the Depht. The special adrenalin "kick".
Possible as second 007 jump. more Information



CHF 195.00 - CHF 255.00 nacht 007 Night Jump

World's Most Famous Jump and the moon.
The Ultimate Full Moon Experience.more Information



CHF 195.00 - CHF 255.00 
ultimo 007 Ultimo

The Jump of Jumps - only for experienced Jumpers.
Possible as of the third 007 Jump.more Information



CHF 100.00 - CHF 135.00

KlassikBungy Jumping Centovalli
"Classic Jump"

The ideal jump for First Timers in breathtaking scenery
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CHF 190.00 - CHF 200.00

tandemBungy Jumping Centovalli

A shared jump is double the fun: jump together with your friend! 
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CHF 100.00 - CHF 135.00

backBungy Jumping Centovalli 

The special adrenalin kick - jump with your back to the abyss!
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CHF 100.00 - CHF 135.00  

ultimoBungy Jumping Centovalli 

Secured only by the comination harness. 
Only for experienced jumpers! more information


CHF 100.00 - CHF 135.00  

ultimoBungy Jumping Centovalli 

The jump is hold with your hands - for experienced jumpers only.
It all happens here!more information