Hölloch 2-Day Bivouac Expedition


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preis Hoelloch 2 Day Tour with Bivouac Overnight Stay

Hoelloch expeditions including an overnight stay and fondue are always something special. Entering Hoelloch for more than a day means immersing yourself in to another world by saying good bye to your daily routine.
Be recharged on a trip in a timeless, seemingly tranquil environment far away from civilisation. All possibilities are available on the 2 day tour.
okOvernight Stay in the Cave
OKFrom November to March
OKFondue Party in „Dombiwak"
OKFor Groups and Individuals
OKCertified SSH Cave Guides



preis Prices per Person


2-Day Bivouac-Expedition
Youths 16 – 19 Years 
Pupils 10 - 15 Years

Optional: Rental of Cave Explorer Overall
Optional: Hölloch Illustrated Book
(Special Price)

SSH Certified Cave Guide, Hoelloch Entrance Fee, Equipment (helmet, headlamp, gum boots, cave gloves, harness), Cave Dinner & Breakfast, Parking Fee at the Rest. Hoelloch, VAT.



durchfhrung Requirements
  These tours are carried out during the winter months from November to March each with a minimum of 5 people. Individuals can join existing tours.
  The tour lasts 2 days. Start first day: 10.00h; Finish second day: approximately 17.00h

Next possible dates are:
Saturday/Sunday, 3th/4th November 2018, 10.00 h (more participants needed, booking required)
Saturday/Sunday, 24th/25th November 2018, 10.00 h (more participants needed, booking required)
  Reservation: absolutely necessary.
  Weather: During uncertain weather conditions (heavy rain, above average snow thaw), please call the day before the expedition is due to start to check if it will go ahead as planned. Telephone: +41 41 390 40 40 or +41 79 420 77 77.
gruppen Group Size
  This expedition can be carried out with a minimum of 5 participants at a date that best suits you. If your group is less than 6 then you can join existing tours. We will be glad to inform you by phone/mail about the planned tours. Normal group sizes vary from between 5 to 9
dauer Meeting Point & Arrival
  Meeting Point: Restaurant Hoelloch in Muotathal, Stalden.
  Arrival by Car: Parking is available at Restaurant Hoelloch in Muotathal, Stalden. 
  Arrival by Public Transport: Take the train to Schwyz and from there Bus number 1 to Hoelloch. Bus Stop "Hoelloch, Muotathal".


alter Prerequisites
  This is a physically demanding tour. No special knowhow necessary. These cave excursions are similar to trackless mountain tours. Exposed areas are firmly secured with ropes, ladders, styles, etc.
What to Bring
  Please take old, warm clothes with you, e.g. jeans, sweater, fleece jacket (these will get dirty and might get strained). Alternative: Rental of Cave Explorer Overall (CHF 30.00 per person). Also required: thick socks in order to avoid cold feet in the boots.
  Under your clothes / the overall cave: ideally long thermo underwear (shirt / throusers), a turtleneck sweater and a pair of leggings is of cours also possible. The cave temperature is a constant 6 degrees Celsius all year round. Air humidity is nearly 100%. Bear in mind that although it appears to be quite cool, we will be perspiring, because we are mostly on the move. Optional: you might want to bring an additional warm jacket you can use during lunch break/when you will not be in move.
  Additional Material: 
- Robust 60 litre Rucksack
- Lunch & Refreshments for 2 days in Plastic or Metal Bottles

  (Water can be replenished in the cave) as well as
  energizing snack (fruit or chocolate bars)
  For the Bivouac Overnight Stay
- Head Lamp or Electric Torch
- Woollen Cap / Jacket / Anorak
- Sleeping Bag (for Temperatures till -5 C°)
- Reserve Underwear, Reserve Socks 

more Info

info Participating in this bivouac Hoelloch tour means immersing yourself in to another, mysterious world by saying good bye to your daily routine. Such an adventure is only possible due to many years of preparation. Just to set up "Dombiwak" took more than 2 years.

Multiple day tours leave enduring impressions and intensively affect all senses as compared to shorter ones. The immense dimensions – Hoelloch is one of the world's largest caves – magically captivates every visitor. We have enough time to view unique details such as the "Hoelloch Worm" (Octolasion transpadana) or the "Cave Amphipod" (Niphargus). We are surrounded by rock formations that are 120m years old and hike through corridors that the force of water created over 600,000 years ago. "Dombiwak" bids us welcome in this remote underground world. A lot of effort went in to the building to ensure that the comfortable infrastructure is in tune with the cave surroundings. You will be surprised at the kitchen with running drinking water and benches that beckon to relax. Beddings are optimally insulated, and especially built lavatories adhere to time tested "Bivouac Technique". We exchange impressions and get to know each other better when enjoying a cosy fondue. Before going to sleep, you realize the tranquillity, the pitch black darkness, and that you are thousands of meters deep inside of the mountain, and that you are in complete different world. The following morning you are awoken by the carbide lamp lighting. An invigorating breakfast whets the appetite for more Hoelloch discoveries.

Please note: do not enter the cave with your travel clothes. Travel clothes and other items such as kit bags, toiletries, handbags, etc. are to be left in cars or at the Hoelloch restaurant. At the restaurant there are changing rooms available. If you do not want to hire cave explorer protective overalls, then please ensure that you have clothes that are robust enough to endure wear & tear. Ideal are: thermo vest, thin polo neck jumper, overalls or old jeans / trousers, pullover / thermal fleece jacket, thick socks. Not suitable are track suits, rain shields, etc.


How to find us

  By car to "Hölloch, Muotathal"
train-hoelloch By train and bus to "Hölloch Muotathal"