Hölloch Cave and other fascinating Cave Tours

Hölloch Cave is with its approx. 200 kilometers of length one of the largest cave systems of the world. Discover on our tours and expeditions the immense power of what nearly a million years of underground water activity can do!
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CHF 165.00

SintergangHölloch Outdoor 

The Exciting and Adventurous Company Event in the vastness of Hölloch. Half-Day tour including complete equipment and Cocktail Reception with Candle Light & Cave Music. Momories and emotions that stick...  
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CHF 115.00

AugenHölloch Incentive  

We know it - not everyone like adventurous and sporty events... During the Hölloch incentive programme you will experience the cave atmoshpere differently. Enjoy calm and quiet moments far away from the hustle and bustle.

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SeminareHölloch Event Location 

Are you innovative, always looking for new and creative ways and places in the area of team development, product presentations, press conferences? Why don't you come to the Hölloch Event Location - the source of strength and inspiration?

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HoehleHölloch Teambuilding 

Team building in special cave environments effects every person and shows new points of view. Content is transported faster than with PowerPoint and flipcharts! Tembuilding in the cave might also be your key to success!
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CHF 58.00 - CHF 105.00

ParcoursHölloch Parcours 

Exciting, adventurous and informative Expedition following the Hölloch pioneers (approx. 3.5 hours). Also excellent trial lesson for the longer winter Expeditions.
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CHF 15.00 - CHF 35.00

AperoHölloch Cave Cocktail Reception 

Cocktail Reception in the Cave with Canle Light & Cave Music. The ideal way to finish off an adventurous tour!
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CHF 58.00

RacletteHölloch Cave Raclette 

Enjoy a delicious Cave Raclette in the unique atmosphere of the Hoelloch Event Location to finish your cave tour!
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CHF 390.00 - CHF 590.00gruppenKurzfuehrungenShort Tours - Group Rates

Receive a sense of a cave system. Tour in the developed area.
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CHF 10.00 - CHF 25.00gruppenKurzfuehrungenShort Tours - Public Tours

Public tours for families and individuals will take place at specific dates, provided there will be enough participants. Booking required.
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CHF 88.00 - CHF 215.00tagesexpDay Expeditions
Duration: approximately 7 or 9 hours  

Enjoy tranquil, adventurous and fascinating day expeditions.
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CHF 130.00 - CHF 235.00

tagnachtexp Day or Night Expeditions
Duration: approximately 11 hours 

Engage in a challenging day or night expedition. 
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CHF 160.00 - CHF 275.00

innominata Special Expedition Innominata
Duration: approximately 11 to 13 hours

Our newest tour – for all those who want to see even more of Hoelloc
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CHF 195.00 - CHF 435.00

biwak 2-Day Bivouac Expedition
Say good bye to your daily routine.

With overnight stay and fondue party in Dombiwak.
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CHF 375.00 - CHF 645.00 biwak3 3-Day Bivouac Expedition
Immerse yourself in to Mother Earth.  

Special adventurous cave expedition geared towards experienced participants.
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 CHF 185.00 nidlenlochNidlenloch  

With its 8 km in length, Nidlenloch is one of the largest cave systems in the Jura Area. It is under nature conservation and provides excellent possibilities for various tours
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