Hölloch Cave Cocktail Reception


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info Hölloch Cave Cocktail Reception

What could be nicer than winding down at a candle lit cocktail reception and listening to cave music after experiencing an impressive tour?
Enjoy this special ambience while selecting mouth watering appetizers and wine, juice, and soft drinks. The ideal way to finish off an adventurous tour!
okPerfect Cave Tour Finish
okCocktail Reception from "Standard" to "Riche"
okUpon Request – Slide Presentation
okCandle Light & Cave Music
okSpecial Ambience



preis Prices per Person


Hölloch Cocktail Reception Standard 
Drinks, Mini-Sandwiches from the Bakery
Hölloch Cocktail Reception Special 
Drinks, Cold Cuts (Meat) & Cheese Platters with bread

Hölloch Cocktail Reception Riche 
Drinks, warm Pizzas, Cold Cuts (Meat) & Cheese Platters and/or Mini-Sandwiches from the Bakery (ideal as a light lunch / supper).


Further Possibilities upon Request
e.g. extended Cocktail Reception or special Cave Dinner with romantic Cave-Raclette / Bavarian Sausages with Brezel / Soups etc. etc. There are hardly any limits for your ideas!

Optional: Presentation Weather Sniffers (flat rate)

Included: Special Candle Lit Ambience including Cave Music, Drinks (White Wine, Juice, Soft Drinks), Appetizers according to above listed Items. Upon Request Overhead Projector Presentation, VAT.


durchfhrung Schedule
  A cave cocktail reception is possible after every cave tour. Duration: approximately 20 to 40 Minutes depending on the chosen Cocktail Reception
gruppen Group Size
  Hölloch Cocktail Reception Standard & Hölloch Cocktail Reception Special can be booked for parties of 6 people or more. Hölloch Cocktail Reception Riche for parties of 10 people or more.

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infoDuring the reception, an additional presentation can be projected showing a virtual view of the cave system in its entirety.

Needless to say, you can also use the screen, overhead projector, and notebook infrastructure in place to give your own presentation to your group.

You can also rent this cocktail reception area with its special ambience, candle lights, and cave music, for any occasion. We would gladly organize drinks and catering for your next unforgettable birthday party, wedding reception, or club event at Hölloch. Please check under Hölloch Event Location or contact us – we will provide advice, and together we will craft a bespoke programme that exactly fits – or exceeds – your needs!

Please note that after a Hölloch course or any other expedition, (without short tours) you may be possibly perspiring as you will be moving around. An additional anorak or jacket may come in handy – especially in the winter months – when you are still and NOT moving. The cave temperature is 6° Celsius all year round the humidity level is nearly 100%.




Fact Box - Höhlen Apèro

factbox-hoellochHöhlen Apèro

Hoelloch Cave with its nearly 200km in length, is one of the World's largest cave systems. Discover the immense power of what nearly a million years of underground water activity can do and relax and enjoy this indescribable atmosphere during a Cocktail Reception following your tour.

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