Hölloch Expeditions

CHF 88.00 - CHF 215.00tagesexpDay Expeditions
Duration: approximately 7 or 9 hours  

Enjoy tranquil, adventurous and fascinating day expeditions.
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CHF 130.00 - CHF 235.00

tagnachtexp Day or Night Expeditions
Duration: approximately 11 hours 

Engage in a challenging day or night expedition. 
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CHF 160.00 - CHF 275.00

innominata Special Expedition Innominata
Duration: approximately 11 to 13 hours

Our newest tour – for all those who want to see even more of Hoelloc
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CHF 195.00 - CHF 435.00

biwak 2-Day Bivouac Expedition
Say good bye to your daily routine.

With overnight stay and fondue party in Dombiwak.
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CHF 375.00 - CHF 645.00 biwak3 3-Day Bivouac Expedition
Immerse yourself in to Mother Earth.  

Special adventurous cave expedition geared towards experienced participants.
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Fact Box - Hoelloch Expeditions


Winter time is Hoelloch time. Discover on our one or multiple day tours what immense power underground waters have, which have been working in Hoelloch
for nearly a million years. Be energised on a journey in timeless, tranquillity far away from civilisation.

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