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Hölloch FAQ

Informationen / FAQ Hölloch

For starters: Claustrophobia is a topic that in most cases is the least of the problems. There are tight spots – however, experience suggests that people who use a normal 4 person elevator and do not suffer from claustrophobia, will not encounter any difficulties. For those people who do indeed suffer from being in such elevators, we advise against visiting Hoelloch (with the exception of the short tours).
We also do not encounter fear of heights: as the cave system is dark, and each participant only sees the lighted surroundings by a headlamp –possible large heights will most probably not even be noticed – it being dark you cannot peer into the abyss! 

Where is Hoelloch?

Hoelloch is in Muotathal, in the area Stalden. GPS system entry: Stalden 15, 6436 Muotathal.

How cold is Hoelloch?

The cave temperature is a constant 6 degrees Celsius all year round.

Can I enter Hoelloch without a guide?

No. All tours require a certified cave guide.

Are there lavatories in Hoelloch?

Lavatories are available at various locations along the longer day and multiple day tours, and of course where we stay the night. Do not expect the same levels of comfort as at home!

Can you smoke in Hoelloch?

The air in Hoelloch is extremely pure – the first operators wanted to even set up treatments for patients with lung disorders! For this reason it would be a pity if this good air would be polluted. We are grateful that our cave guests – if possible – would refrain from smoking. Exceptions are possible on longer tours e.g. with overnight bivouac stops.

Are dogs allowed on short tours?

No; this is also to protect the animal and is therefore forbidden.

Is Hoelloch wheelchair and pram accessible?

No, unfortunately not.

Do I need rock climbing experience for Hoelloch expeditions?

No; exposed areas are firmly secured with ropes, ladders, styles, etc.
No special knowhow necessary. A normal physical fitness level is sufficient and is certainly beneficial.

Are there other guest entrances to Hoelloch?

No; Hoelloch entry in Muotathal / Stalden is the only entrance for guests / tourists.

Can I cancel a booked/confirmed tour / What is the Cancellation Policy?

Once the tour has been confirmed to you, it is basically firmly booked. In case of a cancellation, the customer must inform prior to the event in writing and must give the reasons for the cancellation. In case of cancellation, the customer will have to pay the following costs (always in % of the total cost of the whole arrangement):
29 - 20 days prior to the activity: 20%
19 - 14 days prior to the activity: 50%
13 - 1 day prior to the activity: 80%
Day of the activity and/or "no-show": 100%
Please see also the complete version of our Terms & Conditions