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info Hölloch Outdoor 

We have developed an all inclusive offering, especially targeted at companies. Your participants have the possibility to actively explore this huge cave system in an adventurous, and safe way.
At the end of the tour, we offer a cave cocktail reception complete with candle light and cave music at our Hölloch Event Location. After the tour, each participant receives a certificate.
okAdventurous Company Event
okProfessional & Individual Care
okCave Cocktail Reception 
okParties between 6 and 100 people
okAvailable all Year Round
okHölloch Event Location



preis Prices per Person


Adults - Groups: Minimum 6 People 165.00
Optional: Hölloch Illustrated Book (Special Price)
OptionalPresentation Weather Sniffers (flat rate)
Optional: Grillage or BBQ
45.00 - 100.00

Included: Certified Cave Guide SSH, Entrance Fee, Kit (Helmet, Headlamp, Gum Boots, Cave Gloves, Cave Explorer Overalls), Cocktail Reception Special (White Wine, Juice, Soft Drinks, Cold Cuts (Meat) / Cheese Platters with bread, VAT.


durchfhrung Schedule
  This tour is available all year round - at your preferred date and time. 
  The tour – including cocktail reception lasts approximately 4 hours.
  Reservation: is absolutely necessary
gruppen Group Size
  Minimum: 6 People. If there are less than 6 people, the minimal charge for 6 people applies.
  Maximum approx. 100 people.. 8 to 11 people per group. 
dauer Meeting Point & Arrival
  Meeting Point: Caretaker Hut Hölloch (Wärterhaus Hölloch), Muotathal, Stalden.
  Arrival by car: Parking available at Restaurant Hölloch in Muotathal, Stalden. The road leading to Restaurant Hölloch can easily be accessed by coach.
  Arrival by Public Transport: take the train to Schwyz; from there take the bus number 1 to Hölloch. Bus stop "Hölloch, Muotathal".


alter Prerequisites
  No special physical fitness requirements necessary; however you should be sure footed. Upon request, larger groups can be divided in to various sub groups with similar traits, so that no one is overstrained.
  We will provide you with Cave Explorer Overalls, Helmet, Headlamp, Gum Boots, Cave Gloves. Under the Cave Overall the participants ideally wear leisure clothing (long sleeved shirts / long trousers), the Cave Overalls will be worn on top. Also required: thick socks to avoid cold feet in the boots.
  Optional in the cold winter months: Additional Warm Jacket 
(especially during the cocktail reception, as you are then not in motion).
  Cave temperature is 6° C all year round. Air humidity is nearly 100 %.

more Info

infoThe outdoor Muotatal Valley Hölloch programme – one of the world's largest cave systems – is well suited for an unforgettable company or team event. Nature's elementary power carved out this rock formation millions of years ago and lets people forget the outer world for a moment. The cave fascinates and effects everyone.

This expedition is the shortest of all the cave tours, and provides a varied mixture of knowledge transfer and exiting adventure. Certified SSH (Schweizerische Schule für Höhlenbefahrungen Hölloch) Cave Guides walk you through the formation of this mysterious underworld.

Participants first walk through the developed area, then in to mysterious sideways, where, more than 100 years ago, the Hölloch pioneers ventured in to, equipped with hob nailed boots and candle lit lamps to explore the Widmer and Saxer-Gang. Following their tracks, you finally get to "Zürichsee" the deepest spot within the whole cave system. As you progress, you will find wonderful drip stones, lime stones, and rock formations.

The Cave Cocktail Reception, complete with candlelight and cave music, concludes the event. Participants can freshen up and reflect upon the meaningful impressions gained during the tour. An ideal way to finish an adventurous tour. Upon request we can show you additional images of the Hölloch cave system.

In addition, you can also use the screen, overhead projector, and notebook infrastructure in place to inform participants of news and changes within your company. Experience suggests, that communication in these types of environments stick better and longer than when communicated in "normal" environments.

Each participant receives a tour certificate. This can also be in book form (book only available in German).

How to find us

  By car to "Hölloch, Muotathal"
train-hoelloch By train and bus to "Hölloch Muotathal"