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Hölloch Packages


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info Hoelloch Packages

Combine your Hoelloch tour with other, exciting activities surrounding Muotatal:
  • Hoelloch Course with a Boedmeren Primeval Forest Hike
  • Hoelloch Outdoor with Olympic Games at Hoelloch Zenter
  • Hoelloch Incentive with a Lake Lauerz Canoe Safari
  • Hoelloch Short Tour with a geological karst hike
  • Hoelloch Expedition with Igloo Building Course
This is just a selection of the many possibilities available. We will gladly work with you to determine the perfect programme for your group. Do not hesitate to contact us: we will gladly assist you!
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preis Price Example (for Groups of approx. 20 Participants)


Hoelloch Parcours with Boedmeren Primeval Forest Hike
Day Programme approximately 09.00h to 18.00h

Hoelloch Outdoor & Olympic Games at Hoelloch Zenter
Day Programme approximately 09.00h to 17.00h

Hoelloch Incentive & Canoe Safari Lake Lauerz
Day Programme approximately 09.00h to 17.00h

Hoelloch Short Tour & Geological Karst Hike
Half Day Programme approximately 13.30h to 17.30h

Hoelloch Expedition & Igloo Building Course & Overnight Stay
2 Day Programme including Snowshoe Tour, Dinner & Breakfast





Optional: Packed Lunch
Grillade Type Lunch at Hoelloch Zenter
Lunch at Restaurant Hoelloch 
according to consumption


more info

info An excursion to the area around Schwyz's Muotatal Valley is an extraordinary adventure. Muotatal Valley is a wild, green, long winding valley embedded in a mountainous environment. The valley's main attraction is without doubt Hoelloch – one the world's largest cave systems. The Hoelloch cave's maze – based on today's current research – is nearly 200km (!) in length, and is found beneath the karst area of Boedmeren Primeval Forest and Silberen.

People living in this remote valley have kept their down to earth mentality and their staid calm. They are well known for their dry humour, as well as their unique, popular folk music. Well known are the Muotatal Weathermen – familiar under the name "Wetter Schmoecker" (literally: weather sniffers).

Seize the opportunities when visiting Muotatal Valley and explore the unmatched beauty of Hoelloch Surface, or listen to one of Muotatal's weathermen revealing his secrets and / or look over an Alpine cheese maker's shoulder when producing Alpine cheese.

Additional enhancement programme opportunities surrounding the area:

  • Hikes in scenic Muotatal Valley
  • Interesting lecture about General Suvorov's campaign through Muotatal Valley
  • Coffee-Kirsch Culture workshop in Arth-Goldau
  • Catamaran Raft Building on Lake Lauerz
  • Visit Victorinex Center Schwyz (manufacturer of the original Swiss Army Knife)
  • Visit Bundesbrief Museum Schwyz
  • Fun pools Swiss Holiday Park Morschach
  • Guided tour in Animal Park Goldau