Hölloch Short Tour - Group Rate


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info Hölloch Short Tour – Group Rate

If you just want to get a sense of a comprehensive cave system then this short tour is for you. The first 700 m of the cave system is developed and can easily be explored on foot.
You will hear a lot of interesting things about Hölloch's history giving you a first impression of this natural wonder in Muotatal.
okOne of the Largest Cave Systems in the World
okWell feasible also for kids/pupils as of 6 years
okcombinable with Cave Cocktail Reception
okDuration: approx. 2 hours
okInteresting & Informative
okAccessible All Year Round



preis Prices


Hölloch Short Tour; Youths & Adults (approx. 2 hours)
Group Rate 1 - 15 participants
Group Rate 16 - 25 participants
As of 26 participants - cost per additional person

Hölloch Short Tour; Pupils up to 15 Years (approx. 2 hours)
Group Rate up to Maximum of 25 People
Price per Additional Pupil

Optional: Cave Cocktail Reception (prices per person)
Hölloch Illustrated Book (Special Price)
Optional: Presentation Weather Sniffers
15.00 - 35.00
Package Offer:
Hölloch Short Tour combined with a short Karst Hike
and a Cave Cocktail Reception "Special" 
(duration approx. 3.5 - 4 hours) 
Price per person; minimum 12 people


Included: Cave Guide, Entrance Fee, Carbide Lamps, VAT.


durchfhrung Schedule
  This tour is available all year round. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours; with an additional cave cocktail reception approximately 2.5 hours.
  Reservation: is absolutely necessary
gruppen Group Size
  Group Flat Rate for 1 to 25 participants. You choose how many participants benefit from the guided tour.
  Additional cave guides available for larger groups. Maximum 25 to 30 participants per group.
dauer Meeting Point & Arrival
  Meeting Point: Caretaker Hut Hölloch (Wärterhaus Hölloch), Muotathal, Stalden.
  Arrival by car: Parking available at Restaurant Hölloch in Muotathal, Stalden.
  Arrival by Public Transport: take the train to Schwyz; from there take bus number 1 to Hölloch. Bus stop "Hölloch, Muotathal".


alter Prerequisites
  No special physical fitness requirements necessary; however you should be sure footed. Also suitable for kids from approximately 6 years of age.
  Please take warm clothes with you and good footwear (hiking/mountain boots are ideal, but solid sneakers with good grip are ok as well. Please no sandals, linen footwear and similar!
  The cave temperature is 6° C all year round. Air humidity is nearly 100 %.

more Info

infoHölloch Short Tours are the ideal group event – especially if time or financial budgets are strained. You receive in a very short period of time worthwhile information about the cave system, how it was created, and about cave research. A special treat and experience when combined with a cave cocktail reception!

After the tour and upon request, the BBQ area near the caretaker hut can be used free of charge. This grill area is idyllically situated in a small wood next to a mountain stream. Please let us know if you intend to use this BBQ area so that we can make the necessary reservations.

If you want to profit a maximum of your excursion into Muotathal – why not opt for the Hoelloch Short Tour including a short Karst Geological Trial? Explore the cave system – both below and above ground. You start with a short karst geological hike. Immediately, at Hoelloch, we have a karst landscape and we can view the famous "Charren". Our experienced guide will fill you in with everything that you need know about this charming landscape. In addition, you will enjoy spectacular views in to Bisis Valley. After that we go into the cave for the Hoelloch Tour and you finish the event with a Cave Cocktail Reception "Special" in the cave. 

Ho to find us

  By car to "Hölloch, Muotathal"
train-hoelloch By train and bus to "Hölloch, Muotathal"