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info Nidlenloch

A real adventure lies ahead of you in this huge Solothurn Jura cave system. The entrance is 1,274m above sea level, and on clear days, before diving in to this underworld, offers stunning views of the Bernese Alps (Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau).
okLarge Cave Systems in the Jura Area
okSportsmanlike Expeditions Possible
okParties from 6 People
okDuration: approximately 6 - 7 hours
okBeginners and Advanced Levels
okAvailable all Year Round
Nidlenloch pictures taken by Ernst Rolli  



preis Prices per Person


Adults 185.00
Pupils / Youths up to 19 years  Upon Request
Optional: Rental of Cave Explorer Overall  20.00

Included: Certified Cave Guide SSH, Entrance Fee, Helmet, Carbide or Headlamp, VAT.


durchfhrung Schedule
  This tour can be carried out all year round. However, opening times of Restaurant
Hinterweissenstein have to be observed. At the moment, cave tours are not possible Mondays and Tuesdays.
  The tour lasts approximately 6 - 7 hours.
  Reservation: is absolutely necessary
gruppen Group Size
  Minimum number of participants: 6 adults. If you are less than 6 people the minimal charge for 6 participants applies. 6 - 10 people per group. 
dauer Treffpunkt & Anreise
  Meeting Point: Restaurant Hinterweissenstein above Solothurn
  If the road leading to the restaurant be closed due to snow conditions: meeting point old funicular car park


alter Prerequisites
  No special physical fitness requirements necessary; however you should be sure footed. Also practical for children from the age of 12.
ausrstung What to Bring
  • Good boots
  • Snacks & Refreshments
  • Old, robust and sturdy clothing
(Alternative: Rent Cave Explorer Overalls).

    more Info

    infoNidlenloch excursions are eligible for beginners and for people at an advanced level.

    With its 8 km in length, Nidlenloch is one of the largest cave systems in the Jura Area. It is under nature conservation and provides excellent possibilities for various tours. Apart from short visits or tours for schools and clubs, sporty expeditions are also possible.

    The name most probably derives from the yellow/white calcium deposits (rock milk), that look like "Nidle" – cream. Nidlenloch is probably a million years old and was formed during the ice age meld down. Nidlenloch is mostly very dry and has an alpine character.

    Trekking Team has 20 years of Nidlenloch guide experience. Certified Cave Guides are specially trained and certified by SSH (Schweizerische Schule für
    Höhlenbefahrungen Hölloch). On all our tours, we appeal to participant's environmental consciousness. Additional special, bespoke programmes can be arranged (e.g. workshop events, executive training, team building, etc.).