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info Team-Challenge 


Like this, teamwork is so funny! With a few interactive tasks on several stations various aspects from daily business will be promoted: This is about communication and leadership but also to form mutual trust within the team. And of course there should be a lot of laughter, to laugh together - the sense of humour of a group - connects.

We would also love to come to your conference hotel so that you can use the available time you have completely. Of course we also know lots of idyllic places in free nature which are very suitable for such an Outdoor-Event. 

okCustom-made programs
okspecialised Outdoor-Coaches
okas an Indoor- or Outdoor-Event
okgroup experiences that work
okemotions that remain
okfor groups as of 8 persons



preis Prices per Person



Adults; approx. 2 hours
Adults; approx. 3.5 - 4 hours


Optional: Lunch (Refreshments, Sandwiches, Fruit, Bar)
Optional: Grillage or BBQ
45.00 - 100.00

Trekking Team Specialists, equipment & transport, all necessary permits and rental fees, VAT.
tavel charge to reach your hotel/desired place (as soon as this is not in the areas of Central Switzerland or in the surroundings of Locarno) as well as possible permits and rental fees for using your favourite location. 


durchfuehrung Schedule
  This Team-Challenge focused on shared experiences can be carried out summer and winter and under all weather conditions. Should the weather be very bad we could organise an adapted version of this program in your conference rooms. 
durchfuehrung Group Size
  Minimum number of participants: 14 persons. Should it be less, the respective minimum flat price will affect. Maximum number of participants: 100 persons.
dauer Place / Meeting point
  Around your Conference Hotel, at the Hoelloch Center, Muotathal, on the Hoelloch Surface (Gutentalboden), on mount Rigi, in Weggis area (Lake Lucerne) or in the area of Locarno (Lago Maggiore). Other areas upon request.


anforderungen Requirements
  No special requirements.
ausruestung What to bring
  • Comfortable Leisure Clothes (T-Shirt, Shorts, Gym Shoes)
  • Depending on weather; Sun Glasses, Sun Hat, Sun Cream, additional pullover, Anorak, Rain Shield

more Info

info The value of an Outdoor-Challenge as an addition to an Indoor-Conference has been recognized long ago. With all these different tasks which the participants have to solve in the free nature the so-called key functions will be forced which have to be applied also in daily business (cooperation, team dynamics, decision making, communication, synergetic thinking and handling, strategy development, trust finding, get to know each other in detail, role-specific behaviour, etc.). 

Furthermore, some Feedbacks from former participants confirm, that for them the real and not played task forces as well as the active handling and experienced "learning-by-doing" were especially precious. In additional the stay in the free nature is stimulating the creativity so that the spirit gets open for new solutions and for the dissolve of well-worn and hardenend structures. 

Depending on the available time the Team-Challenge lasts approx. 2 - 4.5 hours and contents 3 - 6 tasks of about 40 minutes each. The participants are divided into little groups of approx. 6 - 8 persons and then go around a stations circuit (rotations principle) and solve various assignments. In the end all groups have completed the circuit stations and based on the ranking the winners are recognised.

We will gladly assist you in compiling your program. A possible selection of assignments is listed below: 

Topic Description
Target orientation Archery
Technic Treasure hunt with the help of avalanches spilled devices
Knowledge Leonardo Bridge
Strategy Together through the Net
Communication Communikation training with KommunikARTio
Teamwork Information exchange and cooperation at the Kugelbahn-Building
Trust Abseiling
Folklore Alphorn blowing, flag waving
Feedback Path finder
Creativity Domino-effect
Ressources Survival Camp
Teamspirit Team-square
Balance Stand-up-Paddling on the lake
Senses Wine- and cheese-tasting
Fun Great Candian challenge