Boedmeren Primeval Forest Hike


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info Boedmeren Primeval Forest Hike 

And they really exist in Switzerland: primeval forests. You will not encounter screeching primates and parrots; however you will find a rugged, wild forest landscape complete with impressive rock formations and rare ferns. As stated, a primeval forest – left on its own, wild, beautiful and unique in the whole of Western Europe.
Let our experienced guides give you a sense of the special, versatile vegetation and fauna and discover a mystic area you would never expect to find there.
okLargest Primeval Forest in the Alps
okCombination Tip: "Heaven & Hell"
okUnique Nature Paradise
okMinimum Group Size: 10 People



preis Prices per Person



Boedmeren Primeval Forest Hike (duration: approx. 3 ½ - 4 hours)
Minimum Group Size: 10 People
Minimum Group Size: 20 People
Minimum Group Size: 30 People



Transfer from Hoelloch, Muotathal, tour headed by professional guides, VAT.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  Boedmeren primeval forest tours are normally carried out between June and October. 
gruppen Group Size
  Minimum group size: 10 people. Less than 10: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: 80 people.
dauer Venue / Meeting Point 
  For all Boedmeren primeval forest tours: Hoelloch Zenter in Muotathal. From there a transfer will take you up to Hoelloch Oberflaeche and from there to Boedmeren primeval forest.  


anforderungen Prerequisites
  The programme is designed that everyone can participate. No prior knowhow necessary. A normal physical fitness level, as well as a certain degree of joy and interest in nature is beneficial.
ausruestung What to Bring
  Mountain or Trekking Boots, Hiking Attire, Rain Shield, Sun Shield, Hat, Cap.
Depending on the duration: Refreshments, Snacks (Lunch) in a rucksack.

more Info

infoThe Boedmere area is an impressive natural and cultural landscape. The forest's core is the 156ha large primeval forest. It is a sub Alpine spruce primeval forest and nowhere else to be found in Western Europe. Since 1984, 70ha of the forest were made in to a reserve and are now being constantly observed by experts. Its status as a reserve means that scientific experiments have been carried out and indeed some very amazing insights have been gained with regard to the uniqueness of the flora and fauna.

During the informative tour, you will hear all about the fascinating flora and fauna, as well as the geological and botanical history.

Our tip: Combination Programme Heaven and Hell!

Come and experience unspoiled nature and mysterious caves deep down.
Not only is secretive Hoelloch with its wonders in eternal darkness unique.
The whole of the immense Hoelloch area is unique. On Hoelloch Oberflaeche you will find old ferns, rocky karst areas, natural paths, gnarled tree trunks, and you would not be surprised when all of a sudden gnomes and pixies start waving to you through the leaves.

Possible Programme
Morning: Hoelloch ½ day excursion
Lunch in the cave or by the Hoelloch Zenter stream
Afternoon: Boedmeren Primeval Forest Hike