Catamaran Raft Assembly


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info Catamaran Raft Assembly

En route with the newest generation of catamaran rafts on Swiss lakes. First of all you assemble your own catamaran raft. Then off you go on to the water for more activities such as regattas, duck hunting, treasure hunting, and / or skills courses.
Here everyone can join in – big and small – all aboard and staying the course. Especially popular: events on Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstaettersee), Lake Lauerz (Lauerzersee) and Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore).
okFast, Versatile Rafts
okGuaranteed Fun and Action
okCan be enhanced for Team Building Events
okAvailable for Non Swimmers
okRaft Cocktail Drinks Included
okMinimum Group Size: 10 People



preis Prices per Person



Adults; 3/4 Day (groups as of 20 participants)
Adults; 3/4 Tag (small groups of 10 - 19 participants)
1/2 Day
Youths from 16 to 19 Years;
1/2 Day
Pupils up to 15 Years;
1/2 Day


Optional: Lunch (Refreshments, Sandwiches, Fruit, Bar)
Optional: BBQ by the Lake
45.00 - 100.00

: Trekking Team raft assembly specialists, catamaran material, instruction, paddles, life jackets, raft cocktail drinks and nibbles, VAT.
At the proposed locations on Lago Maggiore, Lake Lauerz and in Weggis at the Lake Lucerne, the cost for the transport of the material, possible permits by the authorities, renconnaissance of the launch and return ares and rental charges are already included

Extras: raft assembly material transport, possible permits by the authorities, reconnaissance of the launch and return areas, rental charges for any other than the 3 above mentioned locations on request.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  Catamaran raft assembly events can be operated in all of Switzerland during the summer & autumn season. Ticino: in addition during spring time.
dauer  Group Size
  Minimum group size: 10 adults (or 15 pupils/youths). Less than these numbers of participants: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: approximately 200 people. Per raft: 8 to 10 people.
dauer Meeting Point & Arrival
  To be agreed upon depending on the chosen location. Our recommendation:
  • Lido Lucerne
  • Camping Buchenhof, Lake Lauerz
  • Rachmaniov Quay, Weggis
  • Maggia Delta, Lake Maggiore
  • Figino, Lake Lugano


    anforderungen Prerequisites
      No prior knowhow necessary. Normal fitness levels are adequate. Participants must be able to swim.
    ausruestung What to Bring
    • Comfortable Leisure Clothes (T-Shirt, Shorts, Gym Shoes)
    • Swimming Gear; Towels
    • Sun Glasses, Sun Hat, Sun Cream
    • Depending on the Weather: additional Pullover, Anorak, Rain Shield

    more info

    info Faster, versatile, lighter, and more robust: all keywords that accompany us with our new catamaran rafts. Catamaran rafts today can maneuver faster than in the past when rafts were fitted with barrels as floats. As this is the case, assembling rafts and the following ride is just so much more fun!

    Under guidance the rafts are jointly assembled followed by the raft baptism and photo session on the lake. Various activities such as duck hunting, regattas, catamaran course, as well as treasure hunting, combine fun and action. An additional highlight is the binding of several rafts to form one large one and to share the experience during cocktail drinks.

    Example of a programme:
    13.30h Arrival, welcome, group nomination
    13.45h Mission: catamaran raft assembly
    14.30h Raft baptism, team photo session
    14.45h Launch rafts, games and activities on the lake
    16.30h Rafter's cocktail drinks on the lake (all rafts are bound together)
    17.00h Return
    17.15h Haul the rafts in, deconstruction
    17.30h Leave or BBQ by the lake  

    The catamaran raft assembly event can be enhanced to form part of a special team building event. Specific team oriented ways of thinking and communication, as well as participant's integration abilities, are fostered. Find more information under Catamaran Team Event.