City Hunt


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info City Hunt (Example: Lucerne) 

On a circuit cutting through the old town of Lucerne, participants are confronted with all sorts of assignments which have to be solved. Each individual is challenged and can show his or her capabilities within the team to help advance the team.
Bespoke group events that are fun, challenging, and help build and cement teams await you. Everyone is important to the team and individual contributions are vital to the team's overall success. Thrill, entertainment and creativity are all looked after!
okBespoke Team Experiences
okThrill, Entertainment and Creativity
okEveryone is Challenged
okCompete Hands-On 
okLaughing Together
okMinimum Group Size: 15 People



preis Prices per Person



Adults; 1/2 Day


Optional: Lunch (Refreshments, Sandwich, Fruit, Bar)

Trekking Team specialists, all material incl. transport, all permits & rental fees, VAT.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  This programme – based on adventure, fun, and knowhow transfer – can be conducted summer and winter and under all weather conditions. 
  Town Olympics is also an ideal Enhancement to your workshop in Lucerne – especially if there are time constraints as no transfers have to be taken in to consideration.
gruppen Group Size
  Minimum number of participants: 15. Maximal number of participants: approximately 400. Size of sub groups: to be agreed to. Small groups of between 8 and 14 participants: upon request.
dauer Ort / Treffpunkt
  Meeting Point Lucerne – to be agreed to. Other towns: to be agreed to.


anforderungen Prerequisites
  No special prerequisites.
ausruestung What to Bring
  • Comfortable Leisure Clothes
(T-Shirt, Shorts, Gym Shoes)
  • Depending on the Weather: Sun Glasses, Sun Hat, Sun Cream, additional
Pullover, Anorak, Rain Shield

    more Info

    info The City Hunt concept is a superb platform for an exceptional adventure with your team. With their communicative abilities, their creativity, and their commitment, teams complete a varied circuit. Everyone can participate – irrespective of their experience, special talents, and fitness level.

    City Hunt participants are confronted with a range of new assignments which have to be solved. Depending on the group's total size, sub groups are formed who then have to compete as teams. Along a circuit consisting of stations, the teams compete with each other solving various assignments. During a 30 to 40 minute time slot, the teams have to solve special team assignments at a station before leaving for the next. All stations are located in or around the Old Town of Lucerne, within walking distance of each other. Each team is evaluated at each station and in the end a ranking list is compiled and the victorious team is recognized.

    The individual station assignments are jointly defined with you. A possible selection of assignments is listed below:

    Where (Example)
    Art Paint like Picasso Art Museum
    Target Crossbow or Blow Pipe Shooting City Park
    Music Panpipe Concert Powder Tower
    Senses Wine and Cheese Tasting Cheese Dairy
    Creativity Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge Old Town Square
    Water Canoe Safari Lakeshore
    Game Tower Construction / Domino / Ball Path Workshop Room
    Skill Segway Circuit School Ground
    Team Net: Together thru thick & thin City Park