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info Countryside Art Projects

With Countryside Art, works of art are crafted with finds in the middle of the countryside. They only present themselves to people who actually venture out in to nature. Over time they disintegrate, and once again they turn in to finds they once were: being part of the countryside. Countryside Art is natural art in tune with nature.
Countryside Art materials are found on-site: wood, stone, earth, plants, etc. and are put together to form small works of art that do not harm the environment. The works of art that are set up are always based on a discovery – the discovery of special features.
okCreative Designing & Crafting
okFlexible Duration
okEnhancable to Team Building Event
okCountryside as Instructor
okEn Route with all one's Senses
okMinimum Group Size: 15 People



preis Prices per Person



Countryside Art Project Workshop
Duration: approximately 3 ½ - 4 hours 



: Professional & competent guides, material, all permits, VAT.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  Countryside Art Project workshops are normally held between April and November.
gruppen Group Size
  Minimum group size: 15 people. Less than 15: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: approximately 200 people.
dauer Venue / Meeting Point
  To be agreed to. Ideal spots are: Muotatal Valley, as well as the area surrounding Weggis, Vitznau, Rigi.


anforderungen Prerequisites
  No prior knowhow necessary. Openness in thinking, as well as interest and joy in the great outdoors are preferable.
ausruestung What to Bring
  Mountain or Trekking Boots, Hiking Attire, Rain Shield, Sun Shield, Hat, Cap.
Depending on the duration: Refreshments, Snacks (Lunch) in a rucksack..

more Info

info The majority of people are used to moving forward, and to get to their destination as quickly as possible. The success is measured in the actual accomplishment and time won. This is true in professional as well as in leisure time. We measure the number of mountains we have climbed, the distances, and the overall amount of (little) time it took in doing so. These measurements are valuable, however cannot be very well used in experiencing the countryside in a holistic way.

We have enormous abilities by using our senses. Usually they are idle because we only partially use them to achieve something. The rich countryside has everything at our disposal that we can explore and discover. What we need is the willpower, and notion to go about nature in an attentive way and to encounter it with all our senses.

In order to sense and to craft things, no so called "artistic abilities" are necessary. One's personal interest in a certain landscape or venue in connection with one's own life, situation or a topic can be the foundation for creative and / or spontaneous crafting. It is not about crafting "big" works of art. All we need is time to switch off, to relax, to take in, to connect to nature, to find inner peace, to experience the current moment, and to be acquainted with the feeling. The "work of art" becomes part of the experience.

The topic and length of this workshop will be jointly defined with you. You decide if the focal point should lean more towards hands-on / creative / spontaneous activities or if the event should have the character of a Team Building event by integrating your company's strategy – be it vision, company logo, or a new product – and assigning the team crafting exercises to foster a more intensive connection to the topic.