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Muotathal "Weather Sniffers"



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info Muotathal Wetterschmöcker (literally: "Weather Sniffers")

Ever heard of the "Muotathal Wetter Schmoecker" (literally: "Weather Sniffers")?
How do these lay meteorologists come up with their forecasts? What kind of flora and fauna catches the weather prophet's eye? Every "Weather Sniffer" has his own ways and tips.
During drinks & nibbles, enjoy an original and fascinating lecture by one of the famous Muotathal weather prophets. Learn a lot of interesting facts about weather and its connection to Mother Nature.
okEntertaining Enhancement to Drinks & Nibbles
okKnown from the Movie of the same Name
okApproximately 30 – 40 Minutes
okMuotatal Tradition


preis Prices CHF

Lecture Flat Rate (approximately 30 – 40 minutes)



Lecture by an authentic Muotatal weather prophet, VAT.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  Lectures with authentic Muotatal weather prophets can be set up all year round in combination with another Trekking Team AG event. Ideal: combination with a cave tour / cave drinks & nibbles. 
dauer Venue / Meeting Point
  Lectures are held near Hoelloch Zenter in Muotathal.

more Info

infoThe Inner Schwyzer meteorologists – also known as Muotathaler Wetterfrösche (literally: "Weathermen") are a group of lay meteorologists from the Inner Schwyz region of Central Switzerland. Twice a year, they present their very entertaining weather forecast findings at the Meteorological Club Inner Schwyz get together. The agrarian oriented "Wetter Schmoecker" (literally: "Weather Sniffers") base their forecasts on observing the great outdoors. Each individual forecast is a secret. The "Wetter Schmoecker" whose half year forecast comes closest to the actual weather conditions, receives a wooden sculpture as a trophy. The 6 active "Wetter Schmoecker" are:

Kari Hediger, Kuessnacht, SZ
Alois Holdener ("Fire Cone"), Urmiberg Seewen, SZ
Martin Holdener ("Moult"), Haggen, SZ
Martin Horat ("Weather Missionary"), Rothenthurm, SZ
Karl Reichmuth ("Ibex Hunter"), Haggen, SZ
Peter Suter („Sand Blaster"), Ried-Muotathal, SZ

The Muotathal „Wetter Schmoecker" rose to fame in Switzerland thanks to a 2010 documentary by Thomas Horat.