Rigi Adventure Hike


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Adventure hiking is the most adventurous way to hike! Once the destination has been chosen, it is then the goal to select the most direct route to get there. This is to be achieved with the help of maps, compasses and other utensils.
Rigi Adventure Hike offers an extra portion of adventure, adrenalin, and outdoor spirit. You move along off beaten tracks, overcome hurdles, and, as teams, solve challenging, sporty, and creative assignments set at various stations.
okAttractive Route round about Rigi
okJourney with Europe's Oldest Cog Railway
okCombination Tip: Dinner at "Bergbeizli"
okOverwhelming Panorama
okRemote, Exciting Routes
okMinimum Group Size: 12 People



preis Prices per Person


Rigi Adventure Hike
Duration: 1/2 day - (approximately 3.5 - 4 hours)
Duration: full day - (approximately 6 - 7 hours)



: Tour headed by professional guides, Material, VAT.
Not Included: Transfer with Rigi Railway onto Mount Rigi


  Rigi Adventure Hike tours are normally carried out between May and November.
gruppen Group Sizes
  Minimum group size: 12 people. Less than 12: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: 100 people.
dauer Venue / Meeting Point 
  Area Rigi Staffelhoehe. Other venues and meeting point: to be agreed to.


anforderungen Prerequisites
  The programme is designed that everyone can participate. No prior knowhow necessary. A normal physical fitness level, as well as surefootedness are necessary.
ausruestung What to Bring
  Mountain or Trekking Boots, Hiking Attire, Rain Shield, Sun Shield, Hat, Cap.
Depending on the duration: Refreshments, Snacks (Lunch) in a rucksack.

more Info

infoRigi Adventure Hike allows you to move along off beaten tracks and to overcome hurdles such as streams, gullies, and rocks. Crafted solutions to overcome hurdles are executed together. Apart from the more sporty aspects, Adventure Hike also has creative elements in store for you. The landscape is excellent to excel in countryside art – create pieces of art by using natural materials. Be surprised! All activities require teamwork – everyone contributes where he / she can.

Possible Programme:
13.00h Arrival at Rigibahn Valley Station, Vitznau, Welcome
13.15h Journey with Rigibahn to Rigi Staffelhoehe
13.45h Arrival Rigi Staffelhoehe and Start Rigi Adventure Hike
17.15h End Rigi Adventure Hike, Parting
17.30h Drinks & Nibbles and Dinner on the Rigi
20.30h Departure Rigi Staffel to Vitznau
20.45h Arrival in Vitznau

Possible Activity Stations:
Map, compass, and coordinate reading lessons, fire making, abseil, bridge building, treasure hunt, orientation with the help of target photos, Rigi quiz, sign message interpretation, etc.