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info Skydiving

Enjoy the indescribable feeling of a tandem jump in free fall whilst taking in the beautiful Ticino scenery. Get a sense of this fantastic sport. Upon completion of a short preparation stage you and your experienced tandem instructor are ready to enjoy your first free fall.
Do you want more? With your first AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) jump, you will receive a comprehensive introduction in to this fascinating sport. And, by participating in the AFF basic course, you will learn additional basics for further going training leading to the parachuting certificate.
okFree Fall from 4'000 meters
okTandem Jump (approx. 3 hours)
okEFirst Jump (Weekend)
okBasic Course (7 Days)
okProfessional Instructors
okMinimum: 1 Person



preis Prices per Person



Tandem Jump (Duration: approximately 3 hours / 1 jump)

AFF First Jump
 (Duration: 1 weekend / 2 jumps)

AFF Basic Course
 (Duration: 7 days / 8 jumps)





Professional Instructors, parachuting equipment, overalls, helmet, VAT.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  Tandem jumps can be carried out during fine weather all year round except Mondays.
  AFF first jump weekends start regularly from March to October. With a minimum of 2 participants other dates possible.
  AFF basic courses start regularly from March to October. With a minimum of 2 participants other dates possible.
gruppen Group Size
  The AFF first jump weekends and basic courses are held with a maximum of three participants per instructor in order to ensure the best training conditions. 
dauer Treffpunkt & Anreise
  Tandem jumps and courses are jointly held with our security certified partner "Paracentro, Locarno".


anforderungen Prerequisites
  Tandem jump: minimum age 16. (Up to 18 years of age written consent by legal representative necessary). Maximum body weight: 100 kg. Fitness Test – 500 meter run: Women: 2 minutes 30 seconds / Men: 2 minutes
  Other courses upon request.
ausruestung What to Bring
  Tracksuit, Gym Shoes

more Info

info Tandem Jump: During a tandem jump you experience the fascination of a free fall in the easiest possible manner. You can really enjoy the indescribable feeling of flying in a relaxed way whilst taking in the beautiful Ticino scenery. This is because your experienced tandem instructor takes over all necessary functions. Upon completion of a fitness test – a 500 meter run – your instructor will brief you by explaining the special tandem equipment and run you through the jump procedures. You will be equipped with a jump suit, harness, helmet and goggles, and then flown by a Pilatus Porter to the jump location 4'000 meters above Locarno. After a buddy check, you will experience approximately 50 seconds of free fall - fastened tightly with your instructor -until the opening altitude of 1'500 meters. In the following phase of silent flight under an open canopy, you and your instructor will ultimately approach and land directly in front of the Para Centro.

AFF First Jump: 
With an AFF First Jump you will experience free fall twice. After a preparatory tandem jump, you will be introduced to the sport of skydiving using the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) First Jump method. The AFF method combines advanced skydiving techniques and the most modern equipment in order to allow instruction jumps to be directly carried out. The AFF programme requires that all jumps are intensively prepared, so that during the free fall you can complete the programme and be open to corrective measures as seen by your instructors. During your first jump, you will be held by two experienced skydiving instructors during free fall. After the parachute opens, you will be alone with your parachute and must apply the procedures you learned for canopy control. The AFF programme involves a thorough preparation of each jump and is therefore spread over two days so that enough time is allocated for you to process the procedures. In order to provide ideal training conditions to complete this intensive course, a maximum of 3 participants per instructor is allowed.

AFF Basic Course:
more information upon request.