007 VIP Event007 VIP Event 

Agent 007 James Bond made the Verzasca Dam world famous! Plan your next VIP event there! All possibilities are available...
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CHF 135.00

erlebnistrekkingTrekking Adventure Verzasca Valley 

Experience one of the most beautiful and famous Ticino valleys from a more adventurous angle. Thrilling half day trekking events including team exercises.
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CHF 175.00

centovalli-outdoorCentovalli Outdoor Center 

Centovalli Outdoor Center is Ticino's oldest outdoor centre. Choose your favourites from a selection of active programmes with varying difficulty levels. Duration: half day and ¾ day events.
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CHF 100.00 - CHF 195.00  
kletterkursRock Climbing Trial Lesson 

Ticino offers best rock climbing conditions – for beginners as well as for advanced stages. Half day or full day programmes.
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CHF 425.00   

Experience the thrill of freefall and get a glimpse of the fascinating world of parachuting!
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