Fun Olympics


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info Fun Olympics

Competing in a safe atmosphere, having a good laugh, seeking solutions, and all this with a sense of adventure: all this is part of human nature.
We will surprise you in the natural environment of an idyllic place and have you participate in fun games and activities. Accept the challenge!
okEntertaining Team Experiences
okThrill, Fun and Creativity
okEveryone is Challenged
okCompete Hands-On 
okLaughing Together
okMinimum Group Size: 14 People



preis Prices per Person



Adults; approx. 2 - 2.5 hours


Optional: Lunch (Refreshments, Sandwiches, Fruit, Bar)
Optional: Grillage or BBQ
45.00 - 100.00

Trekking Team specialists, equipment, all necessary permits and rental fees, VAT.
Extras: travel charge to reach your hotel/desired place (as long as this is not in the areas of Central Switzerland or in the surroundings of Loarno) as well as possible permits and rental fees for using your favourite location.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  This programme – based on adventure, fun, and knowhow transfer – can be carried out summer and winter and under all weather conditions. 
  Fun Olympics can well be combined with your indor training sessions and represent a welcome, contrasting change.
durchfuehrung Group Size
  Minimum number of participants: 14. Maximal number of participants: approximately 200. Small groups of between 6 and 13 participants: upon request.
dauer Ort / Treffpunkt
  Around your Conference Hotel, at the Hoelloch Center, Muotathal, on the Hoelloch Surface (Gutentalboden), on Mount Rigi, in Weggis area at Lake Lucerne, in the area of Locarno (Lago Maggiore). Other areas: upon request.


anforderungen Prerequisites
  No special prerequisites.
ausruestung What to Bring
  • Comfortable Leisure Clothes
(T-Shirt, Shorts, Gym Shoes)
  • Depending on Weather: Sun Glasses, Sun Hat, Sun Cream, additional
Pullover, Anorak, Rain Shield

    more Info

    info Just how your own Fun Olympics will look like is entirely up to you.
    We will jointly discuss with you your unique preferences and define a programme tailored to meet your needs. Depending on the group's size, and the amount of time available, we recommend approx. 6 activities.

    The participants are divided into groups and then go around a station circuit (rotation principle) and solve various assignments. In the end all groups have completed the circuit stations, and based on the ranking the winners are recognised.

    We will gladly assist you in compiling your programme. A possible selection of assignments is listed below:

    Coordination Avalanche Probe
    Obective Blow Pipe Contest
    Skills Ball Path, Tower of Power
    Fun Sack Race, Horse Shoe Pitching
    Creativity Egg Fall
    Communication Drawing based on oral instructions
    Senses Blind Triangle
    Ressources Make a fire
    Farm House Mow Race, Wood Chopping, Nail Hammering, Cow Milking
    Action Wheel Barrow Race
    Strategy Fish-Memory