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info Cave Raclette in the Hölloch Event Location

No matter if it's summertime with 30° C outside or in the middle of the cold winter - a Cave Raclette with candle light and cave music is always an unforgettable and atmospheric finish of your cave event!
In the special surrounding of the Hölloch Event Location your Raclette cheese is sizzling over the candle while chatting with your colleagues about your cave experience you just had, drink a glass of white wine and enjoy the unique atmosphere.
okperfect finish of your cave tour 
okwith lots of delicious side dishes
okincl. drinks (white wine, mineral water, tea)

okduration about 1 - 1.5 hours
okcandle light and cave music
okspecial atmosphere



preis Prices per person



Hölloch Cave Raclette 
300 g Raclette cheese per person; potatoes, several side dishes
(pickled onions, pickles, babycorn, tomatoes, etc.)
white wine, mineral water, tea

Optional: Lecture of a Muotathaler weather sniffer; flatrate 190.00

Included: Special atmosphere with candle light and cave music, incl. drinks (white wine, mineral water, tea), Cave Raclette ref. to abovementioned discription; by request beamer presentation, VAT. 


durchfhrung Schedule
  A Cave Raclette can be organised in connection to every cave tour. Duration:
About 1 - 1.5 hours.
gruppen Group size
  The minimum number of participants is 10 persons. 

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infoBefore, while or in connection to the Cave Raclette there is the possibility to watch some pictures with more impressions to explore the wide of the Hölloch Cave. Of course you can use the existing technical equipment to have your own beamer presentation with your group. 

Is your group very hungry? Or do you prefer beer or red wine to the Cave Raclette - all no problem! We like to organise your desired Raclette for you and your group; just contact us please for a concrete offer. 

You can rent this location with its special atmosphere with cave music and candle light for any reason. We love to organise drinks & catering for your next unforgettable birthday party, your wedding cocktail or your company anniversary in the Hölloch Cave. Please have a look under "Hölloch Event Location" and/or contact us - we love to help and workout with you an adapted program!

Please note - the temperature of the cave is 6°C during the whole year and the humidity at almost 100%. With larger groups of about 20 persons the location is heating up quite fast because of the candle light and the candles under the Raclette Cheese. For easy freezing people in little groups we recommend to bring an additional jacket with them. 


Fact Box - Höhlen Apèro

factbox-hoellochHöhlen Apèro

Hoelloch Cave with its nearly 200km in length, is one of the World's largest cave systems. Discover the immense power of what nearly a million years of underground water activity can do and relax and enjoy this indescribable atmosphere during a Cocktail Reception following your tour.

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