Hölloch DVD


"Expedition Hölloch" - DVD of Special Broadcast of 6.12.2014

(Only available in German)

Following extensive technical preparation, Swiss Broadcast "Schweiz aktuell" entered the Hoelloch cave and spent all of St. Nicolas Day in the Hoelloch cave, Switzerland's longest cave system. For nearly 140 years, the Hoelloch cave in Muotatal, Canton Schwyz, attracts adventurous cavers and guests. To date, over 200 km of under-ground labyrinth are explored. Thus, the Hoelloch is the second longest known cave in Europe and one of the largest caves in the world.
Swiss Television SRF explored these depths during this 8 hours long term reportage. Together with a professional guide, eight interested adventurers spent one day in the front part of the huge Hölloch cave. On the other hand, another crew reports from a few kilometers inside the cave about life in the so-called Dombiwak. And a team of researchers ventured a 18-hour expedition to the other end of the Hölloch.

In addition, "Expedition Hölloch" also shows the surrounding of the cave with Switzerland's only primeval forrest, the "Bödmeren Forrest"

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