Hölloch Jubiläumsbuch


130 Years Hoelloch Discovery:
Anniversary Illustrated Book

(available in German only)

In 1875 Alois Ulrich, a mountain farmer from Stalden in Muotathal (canton Schwyz), discovered the entrance to a cave. Despite his extended expeditions, equipped with rope, pick, ladder, and a simple hand lantern, he could not find the cave's end. That was the start of this moving discovery and development story of one of the world's largest cave systems that still goes on to this day. The anniversary book is full of magnificent colour pictures depicting this magical underground world.

Photographer and publisher Urs Moeckli managed to catch the unique cave fascination with his photographs.  

The book not only appeals to cave explorers, but also to the general public interested in the secretive world of Hoelloch. Cave plans, as well as the newest Hoelloch surface aerial images are uniquely integrated.

Content / Authors:
Urs Moeckli (Publisher): "Legendary Muotatal, Secretive Hoelloch"
Willi Jaeggi: "Cursed Landscapes"
Gerin Amacher: "Visiting the Underworld / Rescue from Hoelloch"
Anton Draganits: "Hoelloch Conquest"
Peter Beeler / Franz auf der Mauer: „Descent to the Peak"
Peter Stamm (Writer):"A Story of Darkness"

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