Bungy Geschichte

Bungy Jumping in Switzerland

The origins of Bungy jumping trace back to the „land diving" of Pentecost, Vanuatu in the Southern Pacific where men dive off trees with lianas tied around their ankles.
As far back as the people of the island can remember and until up to this day, each spring the people from Vanuatu are celebrating the land diving festival. The land dives are predominantly performed by young men. In week-long preparations a scaffold tower reaching heights of 15-30 m is constructed, by using just bamboo. The construction serves as a jump platform from which the brave young men dive off into the void head first. Beforehand the men choose lianas that are very flexible and which then are fixed to their ankles and the top of the platform before the jump. With great care and attention the material is checked and optimized over and over again since their goal is to dive as close to the ground as possible – even touching the ground gently! This tradition serves as an initiation ceremony for the young men. Only after completion of this dare the men are received and welcomed into the circle of adults.

In the 80ies a resourceful New Zealander took over their idea and undertook several tests using elastic ropes. With the Kawarau bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand the first official and local Bungy Jump station of the world opened its gates.

Towards the end of the 80ies the brothers Peter and Anton Draganits with their company Trekking Team Ltd. introduced Bungy Jumping into Switzerland:

1988: Schwarzwasserbrücke (a bridge jump) close to Berne. First trials and tests with pendulum and bungy jumps in Switzerland.
from 1989: numerous Bungy events off tower cranes all over Switzerland, amongst them the highest jump off a pneumatic crane with a height of 100 m (Braderie Biel).
1993: Railway bridge Intragna (Centovalli/Ticino). The first permanent Bungy Jump Centre of Europe opens its doors. The centre is still in operation and can exclusively be booked for team building events (high rope course, climbing parcours etc.).
1996: Opening of the Bungy Centre Verzasca dam (Ticino). Original scene of the James Bond film „Goldeneye". Theme song interpretated by Tina Turner. With this film and site bungy jumping in Switzerland reached worldwide recognition. It is exactly in this location where the key scene of the film – the most famous bungy jump of the world – was filmed. With its height of 220m it reached - at the time - world record level.


jb Thousands of bungy jumpers from all over the world have done the 007 jump in the past 20 years and now the sons and daughters of our first bungy jumpers dare the adventure to prove that they can come up with the same courage as their parents. Over the years the 007 Bungy Jump has never lost its fascination and attraction, quite contrarily: More and more people search for their „ultimate kick", where as others use the jump as a means to overcome their fears and for another great number of people it's the pure enjoyment of the free fall they're eager to live. No matter why, whether it's to vanquish one's „weaker self", to impress one's partner or to make up for a lost bet – the thing that really counts is the willpower to jump, the dare. However – please note that there are risks and side effects – the adrenalin rush and an ongoing desire thereafter to repeat the jump over again cannot be excluded :-)!


Since the company Trekking Team Ltd. was established almost 30 years ago our mission statement has always been „safety first" and it will stay this way in the future (it goes without saying that we have all necessary security & safety certifications).

Hence, we are particularly happy to start into this very special season and to welcome you and your friends on the Verzasca dam in our anniversary year "20 years of 007 Bungy jumping". Are you ready to for the challenge?

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