Safety First

Our motto states quite simply: "Safety First"! We do indeed offer many adventurous programmes, but we ourselves are not adventurers. And, we intend to stay the course with our nearly 30 years of outdoor experience. Trekking Team was the first outdoor company in Ticino and Central Switzerland to be awarded with the security certificate "Safety in adventures."

Trekking Team has set itself very high requirements with regard to quality, to guide training, and especially to security aspects of our programmes. These central areas are all part of senior management's direct responsibility – indeed management team members are themselves all active guides and instructors. Guides are trained by Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) and Schweizerische Schule fuer Hoehlenbefahrungen Hoelloch (SSH). Here too Trekking Team AG, as oldest bungy jumping company in Switzerland, strives to reach the highest security level.

The company's senior management - responsible for all areas of security - regularly and personally checks the compliance with the company's security concept. And of course, the training of our guides has higest priority - we only put those guides in charge who are specialized and trained for the specific activities.

You can see - we do everything possible to ensure that your leisure activity can be crafted as securely as possible!