Security Concept

All security areas are the responsibility of senior management.

The company's security policy is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Security of our guests and staff is given the highest priority. Security's priority is above profit. Based on experience, technology and the given circumstances, everything has to be done to mitigate adventure and outdoor activity accidents.
  • Secure handling processes for all adventure and outdoor activities are provided for by using the company wide security policy. With the help of this policy, any systematic short comings are identified and amended. As such the security level is constantly held high.

  • Accident mitigation and health protection measures for guests and staff are vital components to uphold and enhance the company's competitiveness.

  • We pledge to adhere to all generally acknowledged national and international norms regarding the practice of adventure and outdoor activities, as well as the corresponding directives of the appropriate authorities.

  • We recognise "Security in Adventures'" security policy and the security goals set as the basis for security planning.

  • Our adventure and outdoor activity processes and operations, and all necessary infrastructure and support work, are constantly analysed. (Process Analysis).

  • For all activity processes and operations, and at all execution points, all relevant influencing factors and Critical Control Points (CCP) are cleared with regard to security. (Risk Analysis).

  • For all recognised CCPs, corrective measures are defined (for example checkups, keeping to fixed operational sequences, subject to change decisions, etc.), that are fitting to address any dangers that this point would have and to eliminate them, and to mitigate any risks that this point would have based on the influencing factors.