Teambuilding with Trekking Team - the Key to your Success!


Outdoor Training Sessions 


Transfer to Everyday Life

In a complex world of permanent change, and multifaceted assignments, people have to prove themselves. At the end of the day it is down to people who are able to collaborate leading to either successful or unsuccessful outcomes.

Outdoor training sessions with integrated team building assignments are key components of successful workshops with sustainable effects. We see it as our task to facilitate in transforming groups of individuals in to "teams", because in today's day and age only teams are able to reach and / or exceed goals set.

Our goal is to support you in accelerating your team building process – we understand what teams are all about; just look at our company's name: Trekking TEAM!

Our offerings aim at building teams that are sustainable. For many years now, we use time tested outdoor methods, with nature being our instructor. As such we advance the processes of decision making, creativity, leadership, and communication.

The extensive team assignments have important elements and challenges that are commonly found in everyday work life. For example: holistic and process oriented thinking, self-taught learning, selection of the best way forward, time management, motivation, and handling of resources, etc.

After each exercise and upon completion, teams reflect on key learning points. In a facilitated feedback session these are analysed and possible outcomes defined.