High Rope Courses

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infoHigh Rope Course Team Building

In high rope courses, participants learn a lot about themselves and others in a short period of time. Apart from fun and action, individual and group specific topics are addressed such as: enhancing self esteem, knowing and dealing with one's own boundaries, taking responsibility for oneself and for others, etc.
Enhanced with team building exercises, the high rope courses can be made in to a comprehensive and sustainable event. Collaboration and motivation are fostered, leading individuals to become achievers.
okBespoke Training Concepts 
okUnfamiliar Challenges
okBoundary Crossing Experience
okMinimum Group Size: 6 People
okProfessional Mentoring
okIntensive Emotions



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High Rope Course Team Building
Half Day Programme
Full Day Programme
Instructor Flat Fee

from CHF 195.00
from CHF 260.00
Upon Request


Included: Specialist instructor, Team assignments and programme content as agreed, Equipment, All necessary permits, VAT.


  High rope courses along Vierwaldstaettersee (Lake Lucerne) (around Weggis / Gersau) can be carried out in spring up to autumn. 
Group Size 
  Minimum group size: 6 people. Less than 6: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: to be agreed to (depends on extent / event aims).


  The programme is designed that everyone can participate. No prior knowhow necessary. A normal physical fitness level and surefootedness are beneficial. More important are: openness, and willingness to engage in something new.
What to Bring
  • Depending on the Weather, Comfortable Leisure Attire (including sun & rain shields)
  • Good, rugged boots / shoes / gym shoes

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        infoSuccessful teams overcome hurdles, conquer adversity, and together they move mountains. What appears to work very well at high rope courses has to be learned in everyday life. Here, the team spirit is ignited and relationships lived.

        Executives and staff alike have to deal with adversity in everyday life. When situations emerge, they have to grasp, evaluate and make right decision at a blink of an eye. In high rope courses, participants learn a lot about themselves and others in a short period of time.

        Practically speaking low / high rope courses should be enhanced with other team building exercises. For example:

        Ball Path (Topic: Communication)
        Get communications rolling: information exchange and interface cooperation in bottleneck situations are real challenges for all teams. By building a ball path, your team will experience firsthand what a crucial role effective communications can play just when collaborative goals have to be achieved independently of each other.

        Abseiling (Topic: Trust / Cooperation)
        Technique, agility, balance, creativity, and decisiveness all rolled in to one. Abseiling fascinates, not only because of the plethora of demands, but because it also fosters participants own trust and trust in partners.

        Chain Reaction (Topic: Planning / Implementation / Resources)
        Our domino event: thrill and enthusiasm can be very closely experienced, when players carefully place their colourful stones. The challenge: to create a domino world in a short period of time. As in projects, various sub teams work on sections leading to the complete picture. In doing so, many challenges have to be overcome and targets achieved. Will the team succeed in positioning the coloured stones in such a way that at least 75 % of them will not fall?

        Easy Spider (Topic: Planning / Resources)
        Through thick and thin together: participants receive an assignment to cross a net from one side to the other. In doing so, every hole can only be used once. The net cannot be touched – in case this happens, there will be penalties to pay... How does the group figure this all out?

        Path Finder (Topic: Mistake Handling / Feedback)
        Get back on track: "all learning is based on feedback". Here you see how teams become learning systems: the team starts to excel through the constant joint development of feedback abilities. The team succeeds in developing a strategy through mutual support and collective learning, so that all participants cross the field. In doing so, individual weaknesses are leveled out and a collaborative way forward defined.


        Fact Box Teambuilding

        factbox-teambuildingSustainable Teambuilding Events

        In close collaboration with you, we set up a tailor-made programme which integrates various elements of nature, this inexhaustible source of power and inspiration. Teambuilding out in the nature - the successful fundament for long lasting effects.

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