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info Hölloch Team-Spirit 

A cave tour is an excellent way to foster team building, as nature is still the best instructor.
During this Hoelloch expedition, various team building exercises are carried out that intensify the teams' experience. After each exercise and upon completion, teams reflect on key learning points. In a facilitated feedback session these are analysed and possible outcomes defined.
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Hoelloch Team Spirit
1 Day Programme (approximately 6 hours)
2 Day Programme with overnight stay in the cave* 
Instructor Flat Fee

from 760.00
to be agreed to
Optional: Hölloch Anniversary Illustrated Book 
(only available in German)
as a Souvenir/”Certificate” for the Participants

* 2 day event with an overnight stay from November to March only.
Included: SSH Certified Cave Guide, Hoelloch Entrance Fee, Equipment (helmet, headlamp, gum boots, cave gloves, cave explorer protective overalls), To be defined Team Assignments, Drinks & Nibbles "Special" (white wine, juice, soft drinks, snacks, canapés or cold cut / cheese platter), certificate, VAT.
In addition 2 day event: Bivouac overnight stay, Dinner & Breakfast in Hoelloch.


  The bespoke approximate 6 hour team building programme can be carried out all year round. The special 2 day events with an overnight stay in the cave from November to March only.
Group Size 
  Minimum number of participants: 6. Maximum number of participants: approximately 40. Sub Group size: approximately 6-9 people per sub group.


  These programmes can be accomplished with a normal level of fitness and surefootedness. More important are: openness, and willingness to engage in something new.
What to Bring
  • Leisure Attire (long arm / long trousers); the Cave Explorer Overalls are worn over your leisure attire.
  • Warm Socks
  • Possibly: additional warm jacket (especially during drinks & nibbles as we will not be moving any more)

      more Info

      info Team building in a cave – truly a special environment that affects people and leads to new ways of thinking. Very often content is transferred here faster than with flip chart and PowerPoint!

      During this Hoelloch expedition, special team building exercises and small group discussions take place tackling topics such as: "time", "trust", or "team". By doing so, metaphors are created that let themselves be transferred in to everyday life. In addition the change contract or the black box contributes to the sustainability of this team event.

      After each exercise and upon completion, teams reflect on key learning points. In a facilitated feedback session these are analysed and possible outcomes defined.

      Team Building Event Goals:

      • Group experiences that work – Emotions that stick
      • Create change potential and energy
      • Break up rigid structures
      • Learning to deal with own and other people's feelings

      Topics that are dealt with in more detail:

      • Build trust in one another. Get to know each other's expectations and worries. Clarify misunderstandings.
      • Live out emotions, memorize experiences and events. Celebrate joint successes, overcome hurdles, and receive sustainable impressions.
      • Energy source nature: unusual challenges fostering new experiences. Nature brings about a satisfied spirit in the sub conscience mind – appeals to "archaic primeval consciousness".
      • Reflexions: tasks and actions are at the forefront. Powerful "we" feeling. New ways of perceiving and sensing. Team rules for everyday life.
      • Transfers: goal oriented tasks, involve participants in transfer responsibility, craft metaphors for everyday life. Seek connections between new experience and professional practice.

      The whole programme is organized and carried out by Trekking team. Team members are supervised and brought to their limits. In doing so, activities are arranged in such a way, that participants only have to go as far as they want to go. After each exercise and upon completion, teams reflect on key learning points. In a facilitated feedback session these are analysed to determine how they can be applied in everyday life and work.

      The Cave Cocktail Reception, complete with candlelight and cave music, concludes the event. Participants can freshen up and reflect upon the meaningful impressions gained during the tour. Finish an adventurous event in style! Upon request we can show you additional images of the Hölloch cave system.

      In addition, you can also use the screen, overhead projector, and notebook infrastructure in place to inform participants of news and changes within your company. Experience suggests that communication in these types of environments stick better and longer than when communicated in "normal" environments.

      Suggested Programme
      13.00h: Welcome, Preparation, Equipment, Group Formation
      Afterwards: Change, Equip with Helmet, Gum Boots, Cave Explorer Overalls
      13.15h: Start Hoelloch Team Spirit Team Building, Trust Building, and Communication Exercises
      18.00h: Candle Lit Cocktail Reception in Hoelloch including Feedback Round, and possible slide show.
      18.45h: Cave Exit and Certificate Distribution
      19.00h: End – or Optional: BBQ at Hoelloch Zenter

      Each participant receives a tour certificate. Upon request, this can also be the Hoelloch anniversary illustrated book (only availabe in German).

      How to find us

        By car to "Hölloch, Muotathal"
      train-hoelloch By train/bus to "Hölloch, Muotathal"





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      factbox-teambuildingSustainable Teambuilding Events

      In close collaboration with you, we set up a tailor-made programme which integrates various elements of nature, this inexhaustible source of power and inspiration. Teambuilding out in the nature - the successful fundament for long lasting effects.

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