Katamaran Team Event

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infoCatamaran Team Building

Off to new horizons! Develop team efficiency with our brand new, agile catamaran rafts! Your team gets in motion and has the urge to get something done.
In a raft building exercise, the team develops and builds a proper functioning raft, a raft that can also weather stormy waters! First of all the team organizes itself, and then it makes provisions for the necessary material. Team based thinking, communicative, improvisational, and manual skills are sought after.
okProject Management
okLeadership Attitude
okCommunicative Skills
okMinimum Group Size: 8 People
okPractical & Realistic
okRealization in all of Switzerland



preis Prices per Person


Catamaran Teambuilding Event
Day Programme (approximately 10.00h – 17.00h)
Including team assignments, reflection, feedback
Instructor Flat Fee

from 230.00
To be agreed to
Optional: Grillage or BBQ by the lake
45.00 - 100.00

Included: Trekking Team raft assembly specialists, Team assignments / reports according to the agreement, Catamaran material, Raft cocktail drinks & nibbles, VAT. Depending on chosen location, and agreement, additional raft assembly material transport, possible permits by the authorities, reconnaissance of the launch and return areas, rental charges.


  Catamaran raft assembly events can be operated in all of Switzerland during the summer & autumn season. Ticino: in addition during spring time.
  Our recommendation: Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstaettersee) Lido Lucerne, or area Weggis / Lauerzersee / Lago Maggiore / Lago di Lugano.
Group Size 
  Minimum group size: 8 people. Less than 8: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: to be agreed to (depends on extent / event aims).


  Knowing how to swim is not necessary. An openness and willingness to engage in something new is important.
What to Bring
  • Comfortable Leisure Clothes
(T-Shirt, Shorts, Gym Shoes)
  • Swimming Gear; Towels
  • Sun Glasses, Sun Hat, Sun Cream
  • Depending on the Weather: additional
Pullover, Anorak, Rain Shield

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      infoPlanks, beams, tubes, ropes and a building assignment are ready. From a sheer unmanageable pile of various components, your team's task is to build a floatable catamaran raft. First of all the team organizes itself, and then it makes provisions for the necessary material.

      Teams first have to craft workable implementation plans, then presents them to the plenary assembly. After checking feasibility, the chosen project is then realized.

      Depending on the time available, teams have to solve other challenging, encouraging, and motivational tasks, before taking to the water to enjoy a bit of well earned fun! Each exercise round is facilitated by one of our experienced, specially trained coaches and in a feedback session teams reflect on key learning points which are then analysed.

      Practical hands-on project management and leadership skills are tested. Participant's integration (or non-integration) abilities emerge crystal clearly. Mutual handling, social behaviour, the role of formal and informal leaders – all this can be analyzed, and in accordance with the focal point and scope of the event, transferred and put in to practice within the workplace. And not to forget – this should be a fun event. Having a good team laugh and displaying a good sense of humour are very valuable traits that should be cherished.

      We will gladly work with you to define a bespoke programme for your team.


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