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Nature is an excellent lecture room and offers a plethora of possibilities to set up efficient and sustainable team projects. How about a:
  • Motivational strategy workshop in your own, self made tipi
  • Collaboratively built bridge
  • Companywide action plan embedded in a countryside art project
  • Communication exercise in an idyllic mountain landscape
These are only a selection of the many options available. We will work with you to craft a bespoke programme that suits your team's unique requirements. Depending on the scope, we collaborate with partners such as psychologists, and coaches.
okHolistic, Hands-On 
okHead, Manual & Heart type Learning 
okProfessional Mentoring
okMinimum Group Size: 6 People
okBespoke Programmes
okSustainable Success


preis Prices per Person CHF
Individual Team Project (1 Day)
E.g. Collaborative Bridge Building
E.g. Radio / Communications Exercise
E.g. Countryside Art with specific Assignment
Instructor Flat Fee

ab CHF 230.00
ab CHF 260.00
ab CHF 230.00
Upon Request
Optional: Overnight Stay / Dinner Suvorov Alpine Cabin

Upon Request

Included: Specialist instructor, Team assignments and programme content as agreed, Equipment, All necessary permits, VAT.


  Bespoke team building programmes can be carried out on a daily basis in all of Switzerland. Depending on content and aims also during winter.
Group Size 
  Minimum group size: 6 people. Less than 6: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: to be agreed to (depends on extent / event aims).


  The programme is designed that everyone can participate. No prior knowhow necessary. A normal physical fitness level and surefootedness are beneficial. More important are: openness, and willingness to engage in something new.
What to Bring
  • This Depending on the Weather, Comfortable Leisure Attire (including sun & rain shields)
  • Depending on the programme possibly hiking or trekking boots, rucksack, and refreshments.

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        infoHead, Manual & Heart type Learning – interactive exercises assist in dealing with the various topics such as: trust, team development, self assessment, goal setting, communication, etc.). Here are just a few possibilities:

        Ropeway Building
        Get across a gorge with the simplest of materials. Grasp assignment, formulate ideas and solution approaches, plan realistically, be ready to compromise, implement. There are many skills a team needs to get its head around! Only planning and working together will get the team to its destination.

        Leonardo's Bridge
        Get collaboratively across a ditch: the inventor of this incredible construction was no one less than Leonardo Da Vinci himself, who already in 1480 had the idea to construct a portable bridge that could be set up without tools. Stability within the group and the ability to "cross over ditches" are important collaborative goals. But first of all the bridge has to be set up. Just imagine assigning such a challenge to the participants! Bridging assists in team spirit creativity and, as a result, there is something visible that the team can be proud of.

        The motto here is: "Having Goals / Focusing on Goals / Hitting Goals ". The interaction between physical and mental concentration and relaxation, make archery an ideal equalizer and a diversified highlight to your event. The workshop finishes with a team contest and skills assessment. Let yourself be surprised.

        Radio Communication Exercise
        Exciting and slightly adventurous team exercise in the wild and pristine environments of the Boedmeren Primeval Forest: Two or more teams compete with each other - each of them has to find its specific way through the countryside - but all of the teams should find the same, final meeting point. The difficulty is that Team A receives the map of Team B and viceversa - the own route will not be visible, this can only be found by communicating with the other team by radiocommunication. Every 5 minutes the team can talk to each other for 1 minute to get more information about their way. In addition, they will have pictures of special places they will find on their (if they find the correct one).Should a goup completely be lost, they can use a GPS device, but of course this will result in penalty points...
        Before they start, participants will get an introduction about how to read a map (measurement points, compass, coordinates), a short training about radiocommunication as well as instructions about handling a GPS device.
        This team challenge especially requires cababilities such as communication skills, focusing on the essentials, goal-and solution-orientation, keeping the overview about a situation and of course teamwork. 
        The location is close to our Suvorov Alpine Cabin, i.e. the exercise can well be combined with additonal programme elements such as cooking together or a an open-air Grillage or Apéro in the beautiful countryside.


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        factbox-teambuildingSustainable Teambuilding Events

        In close collaboration with you, we set up a tailor-made programme which integrates various elements of nature, this inexhaustible source of power and inspiration. Teambuilding out in the nature - the successful fundament for long lasting effects.

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