about Winter

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Welcome to the Snow


Pure Nature

Our experience shows that not only funny, sparkling water activities wiht high summer temperatures or BBQ's at the lake will remain in best and unforgettable memories to your group / team! If properly equipped and dressed, winter time has its own, fascinating charm ...

You will certainly be amazed about the variety of winter activities - igloo building, sleigh rides, snowshoe trekkings or an exciting treasure hunt in the snow are just a few examples. The participants must neither be able to ski nor must they have any other special skills. All they need to know will be explained on site by our professional guides. Of course, we will bring the required equipment with us and we will also make sure that there will be enough warm-up phases in between so that fun really will not be neglected.

Snowshoe trekkings through untouched landscapes, far away from the noise of civilization; creative shaping and modelling with snow; spending a whole night in an igloo - all these are privileges which normally cannot be lived and experienced in our hectic everyday life.

In addition, the variety of winter impressions with its natural scents, colors and light effects touches our senses in a way which is calming and stimulating at the same time. A day in the snow is more intense, more emotional and the experiences made will remain in memories much longer. Do you accept the challenge? We'll be happy to work out a specific programme, tailored to your needs, for you and your team.