Arctic Winter

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info Arctic Winter 

All classic winter group activities such as snowshoeing, igloo building, snow bar building, or snow challenge, can all be used as a foundation for team building events.
A fun and action event can be enhanced with additional elements and assignments, as well as the facilitating and coaching capabilities of our experienced instructors. The outcome: an unforgettable, sustainable team building event.
okProfessional & Individual Care 
okProfessional, Specialised Coaches
ok1 or 2 Day Team Events
okMinimum Group Size: 6 People
okPractical & Realistic
okRealization in all of Switzerland



preis Prices per Person


Team Building Event in Snow (1 Day)
E.g. Snow Quest Team Challenge
zE.g. Snow Sculpturing "Vision / Mission"
Instructor Flat Fee

ab 210.00
ab 260.00
Upon Request
Optional: Overnight Stay / Dinner /Breakfast at Suvorov Alpine Cabin
Upon Request

Specialised instructors, Team assignments and programme content as agreed, Snowshoeing, and Equipment, All necessary permits, VAT.


durchfuehrung Schedule
  Bespoke team building snow programmes can be carried out in winter (normally from mid December to approximately mid April) on a daily basis.
  Minimum group size: 6 people. Less than 6: minimal charge applies. Maximum group size: to be agreed to (depends on extent / event aims).
dauer-winter Meeting Point
  Area: Muotatal Valley / Schwyz area (very snow sure); other areas to be agreed to.


  The programme is designed that everyone can participate. No prior know how necessary. A normal physical fitness level and surefootedness are beneficial. More important are: openness, and willingness to engage in something new.
What to Bring
  Warm trekking, hiking, or mountain boots, winter suitable outdoor attire (layer principle, wind and water proof), cap, gloves, sun shield (hat, glasses, sun cream), possibly a rucksack with snacks / lunch / refreshments (depending on the programme).

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infoWinter team building programmes will be jointly crafted according to you team's requirements. In other words there are no standard team building activities – each event is unique.

The following two examples give you a flavour and should be viewed as a discussion foundation to plan your next team event. Do not hesitate to contact us – we will gladly assist you.

Snow-Quest Team-Challenge

This snow challenge pulls out all the stops. Participants in small groups start from a defined point. Equipped with snow shoes, they then reach the individual stations radiating from there. At theses stations and as groups they solve assignments. Upon completion of the solution the teams return back to the defined point and receive – assuming the assignment is correctly solved – a piece of a puzzle. The exercises goal is to complete the whole puzzle. We can provide a puzzle for you – however, it could also be one of your company's products, logo, or some other symbol of choice.

Group experience is this snow challenge's focal point. Everyone contributes to the team's results by using individual strengths and skills. This motivates and fosters team spirit which is also transferred in to every day work life. Possible assignments / topics:

  • Brain Power: Gather & memorize subject matter know how
  • Rescue Point: Learn how to handle avalanche seeking devices
  • Heat Beat: Sporty group exercise with optimal resource allocation
  • Survival Check: Time management, manual skills, resources & creativity
  • Arts & Skills: Creative crafting with the help & motivation of the whole group
  • Heads & Hands: Knotting exercise to review participant's skill sets

Snow Sculpturing "Vision / Mission"

Snow has always been a freely accessible substance that people in colder regions have used as shelter against cold and wind. As an enhancement to building igloos, people started to engage in crafting snow sculptures. Snow sculpture figures are 60 % formed in the mind or as a sketch and 40 % spontaneously in accordance with the amount of snow and snow blocks available.

After an introduction to snow block building through Trekking Team specialists, the assignment starts: the team defines the topic (possibly facilitated by our coach), ideas are gathered, sketching, planning, building. Upon completion, teams present their works of art including the whole preparation process. Possible topics could be:

  • Vision / Mission
  • Customer Centricity
  • Change
  • Openness / Appreciation 
Valid for all team building events: a joint hot wine punch with nibbles and / or a hearty dinner in an Alpine cabin to reflect on experience gained and key learning points. In a facilitated feedback session these are analysed and possible outcomes defined.


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Teambuilding, Group and Comanpy Events in winter? Yes, of course! Get inspired by our ideas for active winter programmes - there will neither be cold fingers nor cold feet, that's for sure...

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