1. Introduction
Thank you for your interest in our programmes. With the acceptance of your booking at one of Trekking Team’s (TT) point of sales, a contract between you and TT has been established. We ask that you carefully read these Terms & Conditions.

2. Registration
Registration can be in writing, by telephone or in person, directly at TT or at one of TT’s accredited booking companies. By registering you acknowledge that these Terms & Conditions form an integral part of the contract between you and the organizer

3. Subject Matter of the Contract
The organizer is obliged to provide the requested activity as described in the brochure. Special requests can be considered and agreed upon with the organizer. Any additional costs will be borne by the customer.

4. Conclusion of the Contract
With the organizer’s acceptance of your registration in writing, by telephone or in person, a contract between you and Trekking Team AG, is formed. From this point in time all the contract’s rights and duties between you and Trekking Team AG become legally effective.

5. Prices
The activity’s prices can be viewed in the current Trekking Team price list. They are listed in Swiss francs per person. Prices are explicitly subject to change.

6. Payment Terms
With the confirmation of the event, a down payment of 50% will be invoiced. The balance is due up to 10 days before start of the activity.
With short term registrations of less than 10 days before start of an activity, the whole amount is due upon booking. Adventure activities must be paid 100% in advance or cash on site.
Should timely payments not be made, then the organizer can either not perform the activity or cancel the contract all together. Any cancellation costs will be borne by the customer. (See Item 7).
Invoices for voucher orders have to be paid in full in advance. Vouchers are then forwarded.

7. Cancellation or Amendments to Bookings by the Organizer
If a customer cancels an activity, TT is to be informed through registered letter before start of an activity indicating the reasons why. All already received documents (programme details, tickets, written confirmations, etc.) are to be enclosed. A cancellation is valid only when the organizer has received all documents.
For every cancellation, customers bear the following arrangement cancellation fees:
Up to 30 days before start of an activity: CHF 150.00
29 – 20 days before start of an activity: 20%
19 – 14 days before start of an activity: 50%
13 – 1 days before start of an activity: 80%
On the day of the activity: 100%

For larger events, specific cancellation fees apply.

If a customer does not show up or turns up late so that an activity cannot go ahead, a payment of 100 % for this activity is due. Additional costs that are incurred due to adjournments or no shows will be borne by the customer. Should a customer turn up to an activity after it has started or leaves it before it finishes, cannot claim compensation.
If a customer amends the date of an activity up to 30 days before start of the activity, an administrative fee of CHF 150.00 per booking will be raised. If the rebooking happens more than 30 days before the original appointed time, then the cancellation policy comes in to effect.

8. Cancellation or Amendments to Bookings by the Organizer
Most activities require a minimum number of participants. If this is not the case, then the organizer can cancel the activity at short notice. If the customer cannot accept an offered rebooking date, then payments made – less any services rendered – are reimbursed.
The activity can be cancelled or amended if participants through their actions give legitimate reason to this. If this is the case, then the cancellation policy according to Item 7 comes in to effect.

The activity can be cancelled or prematurely terminated due to acts of God, weather conditions, public measures, and security risks. A reimbursement of payments made – less any expenses incurred by the organizer – is initiated.
Any claims for compensation are excluded. The organizer endeavours to offer a possible, comparable substitute. The organizer shall be entitled to change the activity programme or parts of the individual activities due to unforeseen circumstances (acts of God, weather conditions, public measures, or security risks). If a programme amendment is considerable, leading to an increase in cost of more than 10 %, then the customer can cancel the contract.

9. Termination of the activity by the customer
If an activity is abandonned / quitted early by the customer, he is not entitled to a refund. Any additional costs must be paid by the customer.

10. Participation Conditions
Most activities require good health and a reasonable level of fitness. Participants are obligated to inform the organizer of any health hazards. Participation under the influence of drugs, alcohol or antipsychotic drugs or similar is prohibited.
It is the customer’s obligation to adhere to participation conditions und to strictly follow the instructions of the organizer, the leaders, the guides, and any auxiliary persons. Disregarding this will lead to the participant being shut out of the activity. If a shut out occurs before the activity starts, then the cancellation policy comes in to effect. If a shut out occurs after the activity has started, no compensation claims can be made.

10.1 Participation Conditions Bungy Jumping
Minors need their parent’s or supervisor’s consent. The organizer decides if bungy jumps will go ahead. If jumping cannot be carried due to adverse weather conditions, then the participant can complete the jump at a later date. It this is relinquished, then the jump fee is reimbursed. Further going claims are excluded.
After jump clearance, participants have maximum 3 minutes to complete the jump. After the elapsed time, clearance is withdrawn. Participants cannot claim reimbursement.
Participants with the following health conditions are explicitly excluded from bungy jumping: Pregnant women, epilepsy, heart disorders, people with high blood pressure, damage to the musculoskeletal system, recent eye-surgery, chronic ear ailments with disturbance of equilibrium.Weight Limits:
Centovalli (Railway Bridge): 40-160 kg
Verzasca (Dam): 45-110 kg

11. Insurance
Participants are not insured by the organizer. Participants must have adequate health and accident insurance. Cancellation insurance is advisable. Even though activities are executed in competent and safe ways, accidents are never impossible. The organizer cannot be made liable.
Participants act at their own risk.

12. Liability
Trekking Team AG assures customers that activities will be carefully planned and prepared in a diligent and professional way. The organizer is liable for damages caused by faulty execution of the activity, and assuming the organizer is at fault, leading to an outage or reduction of the agreed performance, or if changes to the programme had to be made leading to a reduced value.
If comparable substitution cannot be provided, then the organizer will reimburse the outage. Liability is in all cases linked to the direct damage only. No liability is assumed due to programme changes caused by delayed arrivals of trains and planes.
Organizer’s liability for all inclusive tours concerning material and financial damages, caused by non fulfilment or not proper completion of the contract, amounts to a maximum of twice the price of the tour, unless the damage was caused deliberately or negligently. This is subject to lower liability limits with international agreements.

Organizer is not liable for any damages and disadvantages that arise form no or minor faults by the organizer or auxiliary persons.
Organizer is only liable for activity leader’s faulty actions when the leader is executing activity leadership duties.

Organizer brokers other activity provider’s products and services for customers. From these brokerage activities, no liability for contract fulfilment, accidents, delays, losses, or other anomalies can be assumed, subject to all inclusive tours policy. Also barred from liability obligations are damages caused by acts of God, acts of war, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters, and authority’s requirements.

Should organizer assign execution to authorized third parties, organizer is not liable for their actions and failures.

If organizer’s or organizer’s auxiliary person’s directives are not followed, no liability is assumed.

13. Complaints
The activity leader in charge is to be immediately notified in writing of any damages or complaints; these have to be confirmed by him / her. However, no leader is authorized to accept claims in the name of the organizer. In line with the programme and the possibilities, leaders will endeavour to find a remedy.
Within two weeks after the activity’s end, damage claims have to be sent in writing by registered letter to the organizer. The activity leader’s confirmation and any other evidence have to be enclosed. In case of late arrival of the letter, or that the complaint is launched too late, all activity entitlements expire.

14. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction
Swiss law is applicable. Place of jurisdiction is Locarno, Switzerland. Foreign law is excluded.

15. Veranstalter
Trekking Team AG, 6652 Tegna (Schweiz)
Office Ticino: Tel. 091-780 7800 Fax 091-780 7801
Office Weggis: Tel. 041-390 40 40 Fax 041-390 40 39
www.trekking.ch / info@trekking.ch

Bank Connection: Crédit Suisse, 8070 Zürich
Account Number: 121841-91
Bearer: Trekking Team AG, Tegna
IBAN: CH75 0483 5012 1841 9100 0
Post Account Number: 30-31-4

Euro Account:
Account Number: 121841-92-1
IBAN: CH14 0483 5012 1841 9200 1

This translation was made as a matter of convenience and is accurate to our best knowledge. In case of doubt or dispute, the German version of these Terms and Conditions shall be applicable.