Exciting Team Events

No matter if you want to organise an event for your company, your club, your school, your class or your family & friends, we’ll find the suitable program for your group. We look back on to many years of experience in the field of teambuilding and events. Founded in 1988 we’re so far the Outdoor company with the highest amount of years and experience under our belt here in Switzerland. We have pioneered in many fields of Outdoor activities and kept our focus on constant improvement and thus keeping safety standards at the highest levels. You’re in good hands with Trekking Team.

The following suggestions give you a brief overview of some of our activities. We’re happy to adapt programs to your needs in order to guarantee a maximum of fun, action or effective teambuilding character to your program. Contact us for your event – we’re happy to be of assistance.

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Fun & Action on Swiss lakes & rivers



  • Fun & Action on fast and versatile rafts
  • ½ day or ¾ day
  • for groups from 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland or Ticino


  • Nature adventure on rivers and lakes
  • 1½ to 4 hours
  • for groups from 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • we’re all in the same boat – from pleasant unhurried to full of action
  • half-day or full-day tours with BBQ 
  • groups and single people
  • whole of Switzerland


share some easy, fun moments and infectious laughter


  • playful competitions
  • duration roughly 2 hours
  • for groups from 14 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • discover new dimensions in your team work
  • duration approx. 2 – 4 hours
  • for groups from 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • discover a town in a very different way!
  • duration approx. 2½ – 3 hours
  • for groups from 12 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • dive into the world of Robin Hood
  • duration approx. 2½ – 3 hours
  • for groups form 10 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


Experience natural wonders and outdoor activities amidst impressive scenery



  • from easy, pleasant to adventurous: Tours & expeditions in one of the largest caves of the world 
  • Duration: from 2 hours to several days
  • for groups from 6 – 100 persons


  • guided hike in a natural paradise, the largest karst region of Switzerland and the biggest virgin forest in the alps 
  • duration approx. 3½ to 4 hours
  • for groups of 10 persons and more


  • adventurous parcours on the Rigi with stunning views and off the beaten track
  • duration: ½ to ¾ day
  • for groups of 12 persons and more


  • creative team work – artistic sculpturing – craft your artwork from a simple block of ice
  • duration: approx. 3 hours
  • for groups of approx. 20 persons and more


  • a winter adventure off the beaten track. A perfect program to get away from the hectic daily business and dive into the beauty of winter wilderness. 
  • duration: 2 hours to a full day
  • for groups of 10 Personen and more
Iglubau als Teambuilding | Trekking Team AG


  • Igloo building course under qualified supervision of our guides. With or without overnight in your self-made house of snow. 
  • duration: 1 – 2 days
  • for groups of 8 persons or more


  • discover your creative streak – there’s so much that can be built and sculptured with snow! 
  • durationr: 1 day
  • for groups of 8 persons or more
Snow Challenge | Trekking Team AG


  • playful competition – for once we’re not looking for strength and courage but for agility and tatics
  • duration: 2 to 4 hours
  • for groups of 8 persons and more


Team events on the sunny side of the alps


  • exclusive and taylor made program where the unforgettable stunt of the James Bond movie „Goldeneye“ was filmed.
  • duration: approx. 2 – 3 hours
  • for groups of 20 Personen or more
Canyoning im Tessin | Trekking Team AG


  • Ticino is the eldorado of Canyoning – countless canyons – one as beautiful and glorious as the other await you. Great slides, challenging jumps and all of the fun it in crystal clear and pristine waters. 
  • duration: half-day and full-day tours
  • for groups and single persons


  • activity programme in the wonderful and picturesque Verzasca valley from easy to sportive and challenging
  • duration: approx. ½ to ¾ day
  • for groups of 12 persons or more


  • high rope course in spectacular setting within the Intragna railway bridge. Great spot for your activity programmes with a little thrill if wanted. 
  • duration: approx. ½ to ¾ day
  • for groups of 8 persons and more


Outdoor training – because nature is our teacher



  • not only project planning and management but great communication skills, the willingness to implement, thus lots of hands on practice (!) are key elements of this program.
  • duration: approx. 6 – 7 hours
  • for groups of 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • Teambuilding in unusual surroundings
  • individual tasks on specific themes
  • thorough feedback 
  • approx. 6 hours
  • possible year round


  • overcome rifts and valleys together – build bridges with and in your team constructing either rope bridges, a Nepal or Burma bridge
  • duration: approx. 6 hours
  • for groups of 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • fantastic trekkings off the beaten track in pristine landscapes 
  • individual team tasks
  • duration: 2 – 5 days
  • for groups of 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland and Ticino


  • teambuilding in snow – taylor made for your team
  • professional and individual support
  • duration: 1 – 2 days
  • for groups of 8 persons and more
  • central Switzerland or Ticino


  • what better seminar space than nature! There are hardly any limits to the creation of your own tailor-made event
  • holistic or practice oriented approach
  • professional support and coaching
  • for groups of 6 persons and more


the perfect finish to a day’s adventure



  • Alaska in Switzerland – bookable all year round
  • Overnight accommodation for 17 people
  • Wild and romantic mountain landscape at 1,275 metres above sea level
  • Ideal starting point for team events in unspoilt nature
  • Alpine wellness with hot-pot and/or campfire under the starry sky


  • big or small BBQ event – enjoy the delicacies of our outdoor cuisine 
  • combinable with all Trekking Team Events
  • for groups of 20 persons or more

Trekking Team Fun & Action and Teambuilding Events

Founded in 1988 we are the oldest still actively operating outdoor events company focussing on activity and adventure events and team building. We have pioneered in many fields of outdoor activities and kept our focus on constant improvement and thus keeping safety standards at the highest levels. You’re in good hands with Trekking Team.

Everybody's welcome - your club, your gym group, your family, your school class, your company - we have a variety of programmes available and all can be adapted to your wishes. Our programmes offer a great deal of fun and entertainment - in air, water or on the ground (plus underground!)! Some are challenging, others are creative - but they all have one thing in common: Bringing people together!

We're located in Ticino and central Switzerland but can adapt to more regions if wanted. 

Fun & action events are designed for groups and teams who know each other and are looking for an active, entertaining and/or adventurous experience. There's a touch of team building in all such activities - trying something new or different, creating or finding something together will boost your team spirit in any case. 


Team building programmes ideally last at least ¾ to a full day. This scope is needed in order to allow enough time for the tasks and a thorough feedback. 
The programmes are accompanied by specifically trained outdoor and team building coaches. Being out in nature helps to have your team or group leave well-trodden paths. It motivates and promotes the desire and pleasure to explore and try out something new. A specific team building event goes beyond a fun team event. The scope may be similar but the programme will be put together in accordance with you to verify what aims and goals you have in mind and we will then bring in the appropriate tasks to promote your themes. 

Such themes can range from communication, raising awareness, reduce insecurities, build trust and confidence, integration of new team members etc.). There are tasks that focus on process-orientated thinking, communication in its various forms, others promote autodidactic learning, time management, motivation, smart and sensible use of resources. We will challenge your teams and explore limits but we won't go beyond what everybody is capable to do. Our coaches are with you to lead and motivate but also to support and help. At the end of each challenge we will reflect and analyse and look at possibilities of knowledge transfer into your work environment. 

Safety First

Our motto is very simple: "Safety First"!
Indeed we offer many adventurous programmes, but when it comes to your safety, we are no adventurers. We've worked this way for more than thirty years now and have no intention to change our ways on this subject. Trekking Team was the first outdoor company in Switzerland to receive the security certificate "Safety in adventures."

The company's senior management is actively involved in all programmes and takes full responsibility for all areas of security and checks the compliance with the company's security concept on a regular basis. We prioritise the training of our staff and put guides in charge who are trained and specialised for the specific areas and activites. Guides are trained and certified by the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) and for the cave part by the speleology school "Schweizerische Schule für Höhlenbefahrungen Hölloch" (SSH). International staff have to have an equivalent certification that complies with the standards and regulations of SOA and us (particularly in the Bungy sector).

Your safety is our priority!



Herzlichen Dank für den unvergesslichen Event, den die ganze Firma sehr genossen hat. Es war spannend, abenteuerlich, lustig und sehr informativ. Wir empfehlen Sie gerne weiter.

S.H., April 2018 via Trekking Team Feedback-Formular


Es war alles top! Ich werde die Tour sicher weiterempfehlen und evt. selber auch mal eine längere Tour buchen. Es war einfach super, vielen Dank für dieses tolle Erlebnis!

A.W., September 2018 via Trekking Team Feedback-Formular

Rigi Adventure Hiking

Unser Guide war äusserst kompetent, sehr unterhaltsam, grossartig. Er hat unsere Ansprüche in jeder Beziehung voll und ganz erfüllt. Seine Ausführungen waren unserem Wissensniveau angepasst. Sie waren gut verständlich, interessant und gespickt mit echtem Muotathaler Humor. Es ist ihm gelungen, sein enormes Wissen über die Entstehung der Höhle, über die Geologie, über die Erforschung der Höhle, über die Tierwelt in der Höhle in einer Art und Weise zu präsentieren, die alle Teilnehmenden fasziniert hat. Er wäre ein hervorragender Lehrer (als langjähriger Sekundarlehrer und Teacher Trainer kann ich das beurteilen). Es war eine reine Freude, ihm zuzuhören, und seine inspirierende Art der Führung hat sich in kürzester Zeit auf die ganze Gruppe übertragen. Das konnte man auch an den vielen Fragen der Teilnehmer feststellen. Im Auftrag meiner Kolleginnen und Kollegen, aber auch in meinem eigenen Namen, danken wir ganz herzlich für diese einmalige Führung..

J.M.H., August 2018 via Trekking Team Feedback-Formular