• approx. 2½– 3 hours


  • from CHF 115.00 per person


  • Introduction into the art of archery using professional equipment
  • Required are concentration, a good eye and a calm hand
  • possible at your chosen seminar hotel
  • can be carried out as a team challenge programme


Dive into the world of your favourite archery heroes ore heroines – Robin Hood, Legolas or the Hunger Game’s Katness Eberdeen to name a few. Focus, discipline, concentration, a good eye and a calm hand are key requirements. All this can be learned under the supervision of an archery coach.

The art with bows and arrows is ideal as well for events or seminars focusing on target orientation for example. We are happy to organise an event at your seminar hotel (provided there’s enough space available). Of course we also have access to one or two spots where the event can take place any time.

Prices per person or group rates in CHF

Flat rate for groups of a maximum of 10 persons1’150.00
per additional participant115.00
Lunch (drink, sandwich, fruit, cereal/chocolate bar)


professional Trekking Team guide, all material, VAT

All travel and transfers expenses to and from the event, space rental, extra permits on your chosen location

Availability: Can be booked all year round.

Group size: Max. 20 persons (if the programme is not to be lasted longer than 2½ – 3 hours). If organised as a team challenge (3½ – 4 hours) possible for groups up to 40 participants.


Bring along: Comfortable outdoor attire suitable for the weather (T-shirt, jumper, pants/shorts, sneakers/light trekking boots), sunglasses, hat, sun cream, raingear).