• ½ to ¾ day


  • from CHF 150.00 per person for a ½ day
  • from CHF 195.00 per person for a ¾ day


  • varied hike & stunning views
  • challenging team tasks
  • flexible hiking route
  • combinable with a meal at a typical Grotto/osteria


Discover one of the most beautiful and famous valleys of Ticino in an adventurous way. Your chosen programme can vary from easy to more challenging. You can focus either on the beauty of nature and do an easy walk or a more challenging hike with no less impressive views. According to your aims and wishes we put together a programme or parcours with team games which can vary from playful to challenging. To name a few favourites: we often do a treasure hunt along the way, a game of skill like the spider net or hit some targets with our blowpipes.

Prices per person or group rates in CHF

Adventure trekking Verzasca ½ day (approx. 3½ – 4 hrs)
Flat rate for groups of a maximum of 12 persons1’800.00
per additional participant150.00
Adventure trekking Verzascal ¾ day (approx. 6 hrs)
Flat rate for groups of a maximum of 12 persons2’340.00
per additional participant195.00
Lunch (Drink, sandwich, fruit, cereal/chocolate bar)
Lunch at a typical Grotto/osteria

prices on request

Trekking Team guides, all materials/permits, VAT

Durchführung: Das Erlebnis-Trekking im Verzascatal kann von Ostern bis Ende Oktober durchgeführt werden.

Gruppengrösse: Maximal ca. 100 Personen. Pro Team/Gruppe ca. 6 – 8 Personen.

Anforderungen: Das Programm ist so gestaltet, dass es für alle machbar ist. Eine normale Grundkonditon und Trittsicherheit sind jedoch vorteilhaft.

Mitbringen: Gute Wanderschuhe, der Witterung angepasste Kleidung, Regenschutz. Evtl. kleiner Rucksack mit Getränk und Zwischenverpflegung.