• approx. 2 – 4 hours


  • from CHF 115.00 per person for 2 hours
  • from CHF 155.00 per person for 3½ – 4 hours


  • team activites with a lasting benefit
  • possible indoor alternatives (in case of really bad weather)
  • original team challenges
  • can be organised at your seminar hotel


With interactive tasks at various posts different aspects are addressed that can benefit your daily work with one another. Topics ranging from communication, social skills as well as management behaviour and qualities.

Of course we have some favourite locations we can offer you for your event. But if time is short and in order that you can fully benefit from your time, such team challenges can also be organised at your seminar hotel (space provided).

Possible topics and challenges:

  • Water: canoeing contest
  • Knowledge: build a Leonardo bridge
  • Technique: treasure hunt with avalanche beacons
  • Strategics: spider net
  • Communication: CommunicARTio
  • Cooperation: marbel run
  • Creativity: domino effect
  • Ressources: survival camp
  • Team spirit: team square
  • Balance: Stand-up-Paddling (SUP) on the lake
  • Folklore: alphorn, flag waving
  • Target orientation: Blowpipe challenge
  • Nature: landart projects

Prices per person or group rates in CHF

Team challenge, approx. 2 – 2,5 hours  
Flat rate for up to max. 8 persons 920.00
per additional participant 115.00
Team challenge, approx. 3 – 3,5 hours  
Flat rate for up to max. 8 persons 1’240.00
per additional participant 155.00
Lunch (Drinks, sandwiche, fruit, cereal/chocolate bar)
Grill or BBQ incl. infrastructure and drinks

45.00 – 100.00

Trekking Team guides, all materials & material transports, permits/space rental on our designated locations, VAT

Transport to and from your seminar hotel.
All permits/location spaces that are not part of our designated locations

Availability: Basically all year round regardless of the weather. In case of very bad weather the programme might have to be adapted and moved to the indoors. Our suggested locations are the following:

  • Hölloch Center, Muotathal
  • Rachmaninov-Quai, Weggis
  • Campus Hotel, Herteinstein
  • Hotel Vitznauerhof, Vitznau
  • Hotel Waldstätterhof, Brunnen
  • Parkhotel Vitznau
  • Maggia Delta, Locarno/Ascona
  • Centovalli Outdoor Center

Group size: Max. of approx. 100 persons with 8-10 participants per team. 


Bring along: Comfortable clothing suitable for the weather (T-Shirt/jumper, shorts/pants, sneakers), sun glasses, hat, sun cream and your raingear.