• approx. 3½– 4 hours


  • from CHF 75.00 per person


  • Largest Karst area in Switzerland on top of the Hölloch cave
  • Largest virgin forest of the alps – wild and beautiful – pretty unique in western Europe
  • Unspoilt nature, impressive landscape, impressive views
  • for groups of 10 persons and more


Not only the Hölloch cave is unique in its wonders but also the cave’s surroundings, its surface. Ferns, the rocky Karst territory, unspoilt nature paths, weathered tree trunks and you might not even be overly surprised when your imagination plays tricks on you and you saw a gnome or fairy playing peek-a-boo from behind a fern or tree. Discover this unique territory on a karst hike or roam the virgin Bödmeren forest. The Karst hike is situated in the region of the “Silberen”, a mountain top at the Pragel pass. A protected area where there’s lots to learn and discover about its rich geological history as well as traditional stories past on over generations and last but not least about General Suworow. This is roughly a half-day tour. The Bödmeren reserve consists of 156 ha of prime virgin forest. No parrots or monkeys live here but a unique endemic diversity of plants is to be discovered that will be brought closer to you by our expert guide. Half-day tour. Our suggestion: Either of these programmes can easily be combined with a tour in the Hölloch cave to give you a thorough idea basically from top to bottom. Allow ¾ of a day to a full day depending on your choice of the Hölloch cave tour. If you only have half a day you could do a short tour in the Hölloch cave with a little geology tour – there’s a Karst formation close to the Hölloch entrance that can be admired.  Roughly a half-day.

Prices per person or group rates in CHF

Minimum flat rate Karst- or virgin forest hike; ½ day each per tour (3.5 – 4 hours) 950.00
Groups from 10 to 19 persons, p/p 95.00
Groups from 20 to 29 persons, p/p 85.00
Groups form 30 persons and more, p/p  75.00
Optional: Lunch (Drink, sandwich, fruit, cereal/chocolate bar) 17.00
Alternative: Mini Karst tour and Hölloch short tour: Duration approx. ½ day (3.5 – 4 hours); flat rate for a max. of 10 persons per additional participant 950.00 95.00


Karst or virgin forest hike: Transfer from Hölloch, Muotathal, professional and knowledgable guides, VAT Mini Karst tour with Hölloch short tour: professional cave guides, entrance fee Hölloch, carbide lamp, cave apéro, VAT
Availability: Karst and virgin forest tours from June to October. The Mini Karst tour and Hölloch short tour can normally be done all year round (unless there’s lots of snow). Group size: Max. 100 persons (divided into groups) Requirements: The programmes are designed in an attainable way for all participants. Basic fitness however, is of advantage as well as inquisitiveness and enthusiasm for nature. Bring along: a good pair of trekking or hiking boots, hiking clothes, raingear, sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun cream). Depending on the length of the hike your unbreakable drinking flask with tea or water, lunch, solid backpack.