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We’ve put it upon ourselves to make your adventures days you like to look back on – loosely quoting John Irving “life is made up of days we remember”.
Days of fun, action, of insight and reflection – memories of quality time and “living in the moment”. Whether it is a team building event, a day of adventure and adrenaline, activites out in nature with friends, colleagues or family, look no further, we’ll find you a favourite! Trekking Team is the oldest actively operating outdoor company in Switzerland and we are safety certified. We look back onto over 30 years of experience in the field so we can truthfully say: you’re in good hands. We also had the pleasure to work for TV and film productions and our programmes have been published in numerous media reports.

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Yours Trekking Team

Anton und Peter Draganits

Safety First

Our motto is very simple: “Safety First”!
Indeed we offer many adventurous programmes, but when it comes to your safety, we are no adventurers. We’ve worked this way for more than thirty years now and have no intention to change our ways on this subject. Trekking Team was the first outdoor company in Switzerland to receive the security certificate “Safety in adventures.”

The company’s senior management is actively involved in all programmes and takes full responsibility for all areas of security and checks the compliance with the company’s security concept on a regular basis. We prioritise the training of our staff and put guides in charge who are trained and specialised for the specific areas and activites. Guides are trained and certified by the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) and for the cave part by the speleology school “Schweizerische Schule für Höhlenbefahrungen Hölloch” (SSH). International staff have to have an equivalent certification that complies with the standards and regulations of SOA and us (particularly in the Bungy sector).

Your safety is our priority!

Geschichte der Trekking Team AG



The collective association „Trekking Team Draganits & Frauenfelder was founded. Back then the main programmes consisted of adventure travel, active holidays and adventure weekends in Switzerland and Europe. Excerpt of the various programmes:

  • Bike tours Elsass and Auvergne
  • Horseriding holidays in the French Jura
  • Sailing trips off the Dutch coast
  • Trekking/climbing in Corsica and southern France
  • Ski tours in various places
  • Caving Ardèche and Slovenia
  • Hiking & sketching in Ticino
  • Multi-sportive weekends by Kayak, River boogie and horseridingThe first tests for Bungy and swing jumps were made by Anton and Peter at the Schwarzwasser bridge near Bern and with this introduced another brand new trend sport in to Switzerland (after the river boogie).

Promotion of Bungy

A number of Bungy jumping events were held and amongst those the one at the Braderie Biel: A 100m jump from a pneumatic crane (the highest of its kind at the time).


Expansion of the programme

Further tours and trips were put on offer:

  • Active holdidays and adventure trips to Ecuador
  • Mountaineering in a virgin forest
  • Mountaneering in New Zealand
  • Trekking tours and cultural trips in Nepal and Sikkim

Railway bridge Intragna

Opening of the first permanent Bungy jumping site in Europe – the Intragna bridge in Intragna, Centovalli in the canton of Ticino. The centre is still operating and can be booked exclusively for team events.


Verzasca Dam

Opening of the Bungy Jumping site on the Verzasca dam in Ticino, Switzerland. At the very location where the opening scene of the James Bond film „Goldeneye“ was made. Also thanks to the film, this Bungy jumping site was able to reach a worldwide audience and who doesn’t remember the title song interpretated by Tina Turner. The 220m Bungy jump was the world’s highest jump at the time and remains one of the highest to this day.