• approx. 1½  – 2½  hours


  • from CHF 55.00 per person for grill event
  • from CHF 85.00 pro Person for BBQ event


  • enjoy our outdoor cuisine – be it for a smaller grill event or a richer BBQ 
  • can be combined with practically all Trekking Team events
  • for groups of a minimum of 20 persons


What better way to round off your day out than with a nice BBQ outside (tents available in case of bad weather). Relax and look back on the day, have a chat with your colleagues and friends and enjoy some quality time together.

Sit down at your table and the our BBQ chef will prepare a variety of different meats for you. Help yourself to your favourite sauces and salads all available at the buffet. Remember to save some space for the buffet of desserts!

Grill (only possible at the Hölloch centre).
DIY grill event. You choose what you like and grill it yourself. There’s enough space for everyone at our rotisserie and it’s even more fun coming together for a chat while you wait for your food to be cooked. Some bread, a glass of wine or a beer and we have a perfect outdoor dinner!

Pricing example per person or flat rate in CHF

BBQ including all drinks
Rich meat and salad buffet, bread, dessert buffet with coffee & liquor. Mineral water, soft drinks, beer, red- and/or white wine
Flat rate for up to a max. of 20 persons 1’700.00
per additional person  85.00
Price per person for transport and set up of the event in other places than the Hölloch centre on request
Grill including all drinks
small salad buffet, grill with a variety of meats (beef, pork, veal, chicken), bread. Mineral water, soft drinks, beer, red and/or wihte wine
Flat rate for a max. of 20 persons 1’100.00
per additional person 55.00
Use of the infrastructure at the Hölloch centre (tables, benches, tents 10.00

Your chosen BBQ or Grill event and chosen drinks, Use of tables, benches, tents, VAT

possible space rental & permits on your chosen location other than the Hölloch centre

Availability: These events can be held at the Hölloch centre or a location of choice between Mai and October in combination with another Trekking Team event for a maximum of 200 participants.

Duration: Approx. 1½  hours for a grill event, approx. 2½ hours for the BBQ

Weather: We have tents in case of inclement weather. Please bring an additional jacket for optimal warmth (and maybe some rain gear too!).