• 3 days


  • CHF 375.00 for youths (16-19 years)
  • CHF 645.00 for adults (from 20 years)


  • discover remoter areas of the Hölloch
  • indivdual route planning with all the halls and dripstones
  • overnight in our cosy cave bivouac
  • a special winter treat (available from November until March, weather permitting)


This is mainly a tour for repeaters. Have you been on our 2-day tour and would like to discover more and remoter places, then this is your tour. Much like on the 2-day tour, the 3-day tour requires a fair amount of physical fitness and team work.

On longer tours such as this one we have time to dive into this secluded world. There are places like the Medusendom or the Altar, to name just a couple that we’re able to go visit on this longer trek. For both overnights we use our Hölloch bivouac – our little island of comfort in this vast cave system.

Prices per person in CHF

Adults (from 20 years)CHF 645.00
Youths (16-19 years)CHF 375.00


Rental cave overallCHF 35.00
Illustrated Hölloch anniversary book (special price)CHF 48.00

Including: Certified cave guides, entrance Hölloch, helmet, headlamp, rubber boots, cave gloves, harness, 2 x dinner und 2 x breakfast (incl. drinks) during the tour parking fee at the restaurant Hölloch, VAT

Availability: The tour can be organised from roughly November until March (winter months). Meeting on the first day is at 10.00 h and finishes on the last day at roughly 17.00 h. 

Weather: In uncertain weather conditions (temperatures too high / heavy rain/thaw the tour will have to be postponed to a later date. Of course we will contact you one or two days prior to the tour to discuss the options. 

Duration: 3 days

Reservation: mandatory

Group size: This expedition can be organised for a minimum of 5 persons. A normal group size is usually 5 – 9 persons. Single persons can join an existing group.

Meeting point: Hölloch centre, Muotathal.

Requirements: This is a physically very demanding tour. No special knowhow necessary. However, prior day or 2 day cave experience is of advantage. Exposed areas are secured with ropes, ladders, bridges etc. 

Bring along: 

  • Warm socks; thermal underwear (long sleeves & underpants) or turtle neck jumper and leggings as a base layer*. Top layer: warm and not the newest wear & tear proof jumpers, jackets and pants. Some clothes in reserve for your journey home since your cave clothes might be a bit dirty after the tour. (Alternatively you can rent a cave overall for CHF 35.00 per person).
  • 3 Lunches and drinks in your flask (no glass flasks). Drinking water is available and your flask can be refilled.
  • Energy bars (nuts, raisins) 
  • Sturdy backpack (min. 40 – 50 l).
  • For your stay at the bivouac: headlamp or torch (batteries in reserve), woolly hat, warm jacket, sleeping bag (ideally one that’s suitable to temperatures to -9°C), spare underwear and socks
  • If available, bring your knee pads

* Please note – the temperature in the cave is constantly 6°C, the air humidity at almost 100%. As long as we’re on the move, everyone should feel warm enough. However if you easily get cold, maybe wear a mid-layer over your thermals.  


With more than 200 explored kilometers in length, the Hölloch is one of the world’s largest cave systems.

Discover how the water has carved its way relentlessly through nooks and crannies over close to a million years to finally create the cave we explore today on our various tours.

For people who fear that claustrophobia might be a problem we can reassure to some extend: There are a number of narrow spots, however, for people who fear comfortable travelling in a normal 4 person lift, there shouldn't be any anxiety issues. For the small percentage of people with stronger claustrophobia we refer to our guided short trips.

Fear of heights: You will be adequately secured in all those areas that are a little more exposed. Your guide will also be able to help and assist.  

The temperature is a constant 6 degrees Celsius and the humidity is close to 100 %. 

The Hölloch cave ist situated in 6436 Muotathal, in the area of Stalden.

Arrival by car: you can use the parking in front of the  restaurant Hölloch in Muotathal/Stalden. The coordinates for your navigation system are: "Stalden 15, 6436 Muotathal" or "Restaurant Hölloch, Muotathal". The road to the parking lot at the restaurant Hölloch can also be reached with bigger coaches.

Click here for Route Planner

Arrival by public transport: by train to Schwyz and from there take the bus no. 501 to “Hölloch, Muotathal”.

Click here for Swiss Train & Bus Timetable

Can I visit the Hölloch unguided?

No. The Hölloch is not generally open for public and you will need a specialised guide for a tour.

Are there any toilets at the Hölloch?

On longer or multi-day tours there are certain spots that are equipped with a toilet and of course at the Dom bivouac (with limited comfort of course).

Can one smoke in the Hölloch?

The air at this cave is wonderfully clean. In earlier days there were talks of offering cures for lung patients. It would be a shame to spoil the good and healthy breathing air. We do ask you to refrain from smoking (if possible). On longer tours with overnights at the bivouac some exceptions can be granted if not possible otherwise.

Can I bring my dog on a guided short tour?

No, you cannot bring your dog or pet. Also for the safety of your furred friend. 

Do I need climbing experience to go on a Hölloch tour?

No. All the spots that would involve climbing are equipped with ladders and ropes. So no climbing experience required, however a basic physical fitness is of advantage.

Can I cancel my booking for a Hölloch tour?

As soon as you've made a definite booking and we've confirmed it, the contract is binding and subject to the terms and conditions listed. Cancellations need to be made in written and by indicating the reasons for a cancellation.
The following cancellation fees apply:
29-20 days prior to the tour: 20 % of the full price.
19-14 days prior to the tour: 50 % of the full price.
13-1   days prior to the tour: 80 % of the full price. Same day cancellations will be charged with 100 % of the full tour price.

Please check our Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen

Safety First

Our motto is very simple: "Safety First"!
Indeed we offer many adventurous programmes, but when it comes to your safety, we are no adventurers. We've worked this way for more than thirty years now and have no intention to change our ways on this subject. Trekking Team was the first outdoor company in Switzerland to receive the security certificate "Safety in adventures."

The company's senior management is actively involved in all programmes and takes full responsibility for all areas of security and checks the compliance with the company's security concept on a regular basis. We prioritise the training of our staff and put guides in charge who are trained and specialised for the specific areas and activites. Guides are trained and certified by the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) and for the cave part by the speleology school "Schweizerische Schule für Höhlenbefahrungen Hölloch" (SSH).

Hölloch Outdoor

Herzlichen Dank für den unvergesslichen Event, den die ganze Firma sehr genossen hat. Es war spannend, abenteuerlich, lustig und sehr informativ. Wir empfehlen Sie gerne weiter.

S.H., April 2018 via Trekking Team Feedback-Formular

Hölloch Parcours

Es war alles top! Ich werde die Tour sicher weiterempfehlen und evt. selber auch mal eine längere Tour buchen. Es war einfach super, vielen Dank für dieses tolle Erlebnis!

A.W., September 2018 via Trekking Team Feedback-Formular

Hölloch Kurzführung

Unser Guide war äusserst kompetent, sehr unterhaltsam, grossartig. Er hat unsere Ansprüche in jeder Beziehung voll und ganz erfüllt. Seine Ausführungen waren unserem Wissensniveau angepasst. Sie waren gut verständlich, interessant und gespickt mit echtem Muotathaler Humor. Es ist ihm gelungen, sein enormes Wissen über die Entstehung der Höhle, über die Geologie, über die Erforschung der Höhle, über die Tierwelt in der Höhle in einer Art und Weise zu präsentieren, die alle Teilnehmenden fasziniert hat. Er wäre ein hervorragender Lehrer (als langjähriger Sekundarlehrer und Teacher Trainer kann ich das beurteilen). Es war eine reine Freude, ihm zuzuhören, und seine inspirierende Art der Führung hat sich in kürzester Zeit auf die ganze Gruppe übertragen. Das konnte man auch an den vielen Fragen der Teilnehmer feststellen. Im Auftrag meiner Kolleginnen und Kollegen, aber auch in meinem eigenen Namen, danken wir ganz herzlich für diese einmalige Führung..

J.M.H., August 2018 via Trekking Team Feedback-Formular