• approx. 2 hours


  • Group flat rate pupils: from CHF 390.00
  • Group flat rate adults: from CHF 490.00
  • single persons CHF 15.00 / 25.00 / 35.00 (public short tours)


  • Visit of the first 700 meters in the developed part of the cave
  • lots of interesting facts about the formation of the Hölloch cave and history
  • ideal tour to combine with an aperitif or a cave “raclette”
  • also suitable for pupils/kids from 5 years
  • available all year; easy walk


Would you like to test the waters first before you allow yourself to go on a bigger tour? Then this is the right option for you. We explore the first 700 meters of the developed part of the cave system. This is also the area the caving pioneers have worked on and provided with paths and stairs over a 100 years ago.

You’ll learn about the history of the Hölloch its formation, its hidden treasures and the creatures that live within. There’s some fun stuff with acoustics and vision versus darkness to play with. It’s really an ideal tour for everyone who’d like to have a taste on what it feels like to be in such a vast subterranean environment. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy the special atmosphere of the enlighted Hölloch Event Location with a short cave concert.

To round off your tour we recommend a nice aperitif or “raclette” with candlelight and music for your group.

Public short tours

These public tours are available on set dates and times from spring until autumn (during winter time on request). Ideal for single persons or small groups or families.
Please find the dates of these public tours and online booking option under this link. 

Price per person: 

  • CHF 15.00 for pupils aged 5 – 15 years
  • CHF 25.00 for youths aged 16 – 19 years
  • CHF 35.00 for youths/adults from 16 years of age

Reservation: mandatory

Prices flat rate / per person in CHF

Hölloch short tour, youths from 16 years & adults


Group flat rate up to 14 people


Per additional youth


per additional adult


Hölloch short tour, pupils up to 15 years


Group flat rate up to 18 pupils/2 adults (total 20 people)


per additional pupil
(max. size per group 25 people)


per additional adult


Hölloch short tour with little karst area trial tour and aperitif special
(Duration approx. 3½  – 4 hours)


Flat rate up to max. 10 persons


per additional participant


Cave Apéro per person
Grill, BBQ
Cave raclette
Spectacular fire & fakir show (approx. 20 minutes); flat rate
Lecture of the “Wätterschmöcker”; flat rate
Illustrated Hölloch anniversary book (special price)

15.00 – 35.00

45.00 – 85.00


Hölloch short tour, youths from 16 years & adults


Group flat rate up to 14 people


Certified cave guide SSH, entrance fee Hölloch, helmet with headlamp, guided cave tour, cave concert, VAT.

For the short tour with trial karst hike: additional guided karst hike and aperitif special.

Availability: This tour can be organised as a group tour all year round

Duration: approx. 2 hours; with cave aperitif approx. 2 1/2 hours, with a cave “raclette” approx. 3 1/2 hours.

Good to know: the temperature inside the cave is 6°C all year. The humidity is close to 100%.

Group size: Max. 20 – 25 participants per group

Meeting point: Hölloch Wärterhaus in 6436 Muotathal Stalden.

Requirements: The short tour is easily manageable even without great physical fitness; surefootedness is required, however. The difference in altitude is 100 meters. Suitable for children from 5 years.

Bring along: warm clothes, solid shoes with you (ideal are hiking or trekking boots or a solid pair of slip resistant trail running shoes or trainers. Unsuitable are canvas sneakers, sandals, flip-flops and such.


With more than 200 explored kilometers in length, the Hölloch is one of the world’s largest cave systems.

Discover how the water has carved its way relentlessly through nooks and crannies over close to a million years to finally create the cave we explore today on our various tours.

For people who fear that claustrophobia might be a problem we can reassure to some extend: There are a number of narrow spots, however, for people who fear comfortable travelling in a normal 4 person lift, there shouldn't be any anxiety issues. For the small percentage of people with stronger claustrophobia we refer to our guided short trips.

Fear of heights: You will be adequately secured in all those areas that are a little more exposed. Your guide will also be able to help and assist.  

The temperature is a constant 6 degrees Celsius and the humidity is close to 100 %. 

The Hölloch cave ist situated in 6436 Muotathal, in the area of Stalden.

Arrival by car: you can use the parking in front of the  restaurant Hölloch in Muotathal/Stalden. The coordinates for your navigation system are: "Stalden 15, 6436 Muotathal" or "Restaurant Hölloch, Muotathal". The road to the parking lot at the restaurant Hölloch can also be reached with bigger coaches.

Click here for Route Planner

Arrival by public transport: by train to Schwyz and from there take the bus no. 501 to “Hölloch, Muotathal”.

Click here for Swiss Train & Bus Timetable

Can I visit the Hölloch unguided?

No. The Hölloch is not generally open for public and you will need a specialised guide for a tour.

Are there any toilets at the Hölloch?

On longer or multi-day tours there are certain spots that are equipped with a toilet and of course at the Dom bivouac (with limited comfort of course).

Is smoking possible in the Hölloch?

The air at this cave is wonderfully clean. In earlier days there were talks of offering cures for lung patients. It would be a shame to spoil the good and healthy breathing air. We do ask you to refrain from smoking (if possible). On longer tours with overnights at the bivouac some exceptions can be granted if not possible otherwise.

Can I bring my dog on a guided short tour?

No, you cannot bring your dog or pet. Also for the safety of your furred friend. 

Do I need climbing experience to go on a Hölloch tour?

No. All the spots that would involve climbing are equipped with ladders and ropes. So no climbing experience required, however a basic physical fitness is of advantage.

Can I cancel my booking for a Hölloch tour?

As soon as you've made a definite booking and we've confirmed it, the contract is binding and subject to the terms and conditions listed. Cancellations need to be made in written and by indicating the reasons for a cancellation.
The following cancellation fees apply:
29-20 days prior to the tour: 20 % of the full price.
19-14 days prior to the tour: 50 % of the full price.
13-1   days prior to the tour: 80 % of the full price. Same day cancellations will be charged with 100 % of the full tour price.

Please check our Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen

Safety First

Our motto is simply "safety first"! We offer numerous - also adventurous - programmes, but we are not adventurers. This has been the case for the last 35 years of our outdoor activities and will remain so in the future. Trekking Team was the first outdoor company with the "Safety in adventures" certification.

We have set high standards for the quality of our programmes, the training of our guides and especially for safety aspects. The top management - all active guides and instructors - is directly responsible for these central areas. The cave guides are trained at the Swiss School of Caving Hölloch (SSH).

The company's safety policy is based on the following principles and procedures:

  • The safety of guests and employees is a top priority. It has priority over economic considerations. To prevent accidents during adventure and outdoor activities, everything must be done that is necessary according to experience, feasible according to the state of the art and appropriate to the given conditions.
  • Safe procedures for all adventure and outdoor activities are ensured through the application of an operational safety concept. With the help of this concept, any inadequacies are systematically identified and improved, thus keeping the safety level constantly high.
  • Accident prevention and protection of the health of guests and employees are essential to maintain and strengthen competitiveness.
  • We undertake to comply with all generally recognised national and international standards concerning the practice of adventure and outdoor activities as well as the relevant directives of the competent authorities.
  • We recognise the safety policy and the protection goals of the "safety in adventures" foundation as the basis for safety planning.
  • The processes and activities of our adventure and outdoor activities and the infrastructure and support work operated for them are continuously analysed (process analysis).
  • For all processes and activities of our activities and at all implementation locations, the relevant influencing factors and critical control points (CCP) are clarified with regard to safety (risk analysis).
  • For all identified critical control points, measures (e.g. controls, fixed procedures to be followed, reserved decisions, etc.) are defined that are suitable for eliminating hazards that exist at this point and minimising risks that arise at this point due to critical influencing factors.

Despite competent and safe implementation of the activities, accidents cannot be completely ruled out. The organiser cannot accept any liability for this; participation is at the participant's own risk. Participants must have sufficient health and accident insurance themselves. For Hölloch expeditions we also recommend membership of a recognised Swiss rescue organisation (e.g. REGA) or the conclusion of special rescue insurance.

2-Day Expedition

Chrigel and Fredi were a great guide team. Chrigel had the necessary calmness that you simply had to feel at ease with him. Fredi has incredible expertise and cooked probably the best scrambled eggs I've ever eaten. Both were simply excellent. My expectations were exceeded. A big thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. Not least the builders of the bivouac. It was unbelievable what was provided. I will always remember the lovingly designed cave bear, the beautiful clay nautilus, the romantic candles and the excellent catering. I could only marvel at the beauty of the cave in awe and without a word.

Roman, February 2024

Team experience with aperitif

We booked a team experience followed by an aperitif riche for our company. The whole team was thrilled! On the one hand by the breathtakingly impressive beauty of the underworld, but also by the passionate stories and explanations of the guides. The team tasks we had to complete were exciting and challenging at the same time, but certainly contributed greatly to fostering team spirit. The subsequent aperitif in a mystical setting was sumptuous and to everyone's complete satisfaction. I can definitely recommend the experience!

Florian, January 2024

3-Day Expedition

Thank you so much for organising this 3-day tour with so few participants. It was perfect! Tobias, our guide, was excellent both personally and professionally!

Raphael and Yannis, January 2024

Hölloch Challenge

Third tour with Thomas and he was even better than before. The adventure tour is very different from the other two I've done but equally impressive, and given the group, perhaps better suited in some ways. The physical nature of the adventure tour is well-matched for eager young students. No one was disappointed at the end. Thomas did a great job managing the group, keeping us on schedule, but also maximizing our fun above and beyond. Everyone saw how competent he was, knowledgable about the cave, and about the science of the cave. Well done, again! We'll be back!

Brian, November 2023

Short Tour with cave raclette and fire show

We can only recommend everything and are super happy that we had such a great tour, apero & fire show despite our delay. Thank you very much!

Jacqueline, September 2023

Short Tour with cave raclette and fire show

Great departmental event. Super guided tour, mega interesting and informative. Sweet ambience with raclette and cool fire show. Thanks for the great evening!

Celine, June 2023

Short Tour 

It was simply a fantastic experience under the extremely competent and friendly guidance of Richi. Congratulations!

Richard Hensel, May 2023

Expedition Glitzertor

Our guide was a great treasure!
We had a lot of fun with him, as he himself is a wonderful person who takes and solves possible difficulties with humour. The pace was just right for all of us participants. He even had a good time with our son: it was a unique day in our lives without grumbling 🙂

Anemone, January 2023

Expedition Innominata

A Hölloch tour is always a super experience. Hans is a very experienced guide with a lot of background knowledge. We felt very well looked after with him. Despite the circumstances that the planned Innominata tour could not be carried out due to the water level (which we were informed of in advance), we were offered an interesting and challenging alternative tour. Everything was perfectly organised and we had a lot of fun!

Guido, December 2022

Hölloch Parcours  

We loved our cave short expedition!! Fabian was such a great guide, and made sure he repeated everything in English for us. We felt well taken care of. You could sense his love for being there as well. Thanks

Peter, November 2022

Beginners Tour

I am thrilled and my ideas and expectations were exceeded by far!

Marcella, August 2022

Expedition Glitzertor

Good morning dear trekking team!

I am not a fan of questionnaires, so I prefer to answer with personal words. We drove back to Munich yesterday after our 9h tour, it was a long day that we will certainly not forget for the rest of our lives. Everything was super organised and ready for us in advance. The best decision was to rent the overalls, what would we have done "without" them!

A thousand thanks to Urs and Tobias, who accompanied and guided us safely in every situation and made this day an unforgettable one, a mama-sons experience in a class of its own! Thank you for letting us do this with you! We had incredible fun, certainly reached our limits a bit in terms of fitness, the sporting challenges such as the ladders, rope sections and sliding on the seat of our trousers were a lot of fun without stressing us out. This tour was the highlight of 2021.

Thanks to all of you! We will be back, for sure, maybe for one of the shorter tours. I've already got a few ideas from the guides!

We wish you a wonderful 4th Advent, a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022. Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you again!

Best wishes from Upper Bavaria to Switzerland!

Your family K. December 2021

2-Day Expedition

Martin adapted the programme to our needs and wishes without us even having to express them. He knows the corridors inside out and can tell us a lot of interesting things about the cave and everything else. Although he is about 40 years older than us, he seemed to have taken the whole tour more easily than we did, impressive!

M. H., February 2020

Short Tour

The feedback from my work colleagues was all very good! The enthusiasm of the tour was very great. Many thanks for the great insight into the enormous cave system.

KKS Ultraschall AG, February 2020

Hölloch Parcours

A top guide, Chrigu was the ideal companion on our adventure. He was able to tell us a lot of interesting facts about the cave and took us to many great places. If we come back, then definitely Chrigu again :-).

Everything worked out great.

Anonymous, January 2020

Expedition Wasserdom

Mr Sandfuchs Urs was very knowledgeable and you felt very safe with him.

Barbara, January 2020